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4 Natural Ways to Look Younger and Healthier

The longing to stay young forever is as old as Father Time. Who would not want to live to the ends of time right? Even Alexander the Great sought the comforts of a mysterious river paradise during the fourth century. And true enough, the rumors of a rejuvenating river deep in the heart of Cuba made the great conquistador Ponce de Leon, who once served Christopher Columbus, search for the Fountain of Youth in the 16th-century. Today, such a glorious quest to stay young has become also an obsession for millions on the planet.

Of course, boob tubes have become a trendsetter in the past decades. The emphasis of Hollywood on what is young and beautiful as a definition of what’s in has given everyone a benchmark to follow, a tough act to follow actually. What’s funny is many of the films shown with such perfect faces are actually digitally enhanced, the countenance of an army of actors and actresses including.

The good news is you can actually enhance naturally your body and face to look younger than your chronological age. Relying on tried-and-tested ways to do so in this regard should be helpful. Here’s how you can get started:

Drink More Water

Let’s face it. The difference between a raisin and a grapefruit is moisture and the lack of it. Thus,  it’s important you drink an ample amount of water every day to get those youthful skin glowing.

Take note that hydration boosts the elasticity of your skin. As a result, this prevents the untimely appearance of aging, namely wrinkles and fine lines etched on your face.

Additionally you should also hydrate your skin directly. Just like your body drinking water, your skin needs a good moisturizer to minimize the appearance of aging.

While there’s a slew of products you can choose from, there’s really no need to be so fancy. Making the most of coconut oil and olive oil can go a long way in helping you look younger than ever.

Avoid Smoking

Hollywood has made smoking look cool. But there’s actually nothing cool about it. Not only is smoking the biggest cause of lung cancer, but it’s also a surefire way for you to look old fast. For one, cigarettes have that lingering smell that doesn’t go away. Plus, you’re bound to have bad breath when you do smoke.

If that’s not enough, the chemicals inside cigarettes can age and make your skin looking dry. Worse, once the habit kicks in, it can make you look 1 years older, even more.

Of course, if you feel you’re looking way too old than your actual chronological age, there’s a viable solution that’s quick and medically approved. Cosmetic surgery and treatments under expert hands should be able to deal with all the fine lines and wrinkles leaving you with younger-looking skin in no time.

Keep Your Ideal Weight

When you aim for the stars, hitting the moon should be a lot easier. So aim to keep your ideal weight; you may not get it but it would get you within the healthy range.

If there’s one thing that can make you look old, it’s being overweight or obese. And that’s the least of your problems. Tipping the scales can mean a greater risk for you to develop life-threatening diseases such as cancer and heart disease. So when you keep your ideal weight, you not only make yourself look younger but also you keep yourself as healthy as can be.

To note, people who are heavy are more likely to develop medical complications when infected with the COVID-19 virus. That just tells you it certainly pays to stay fit.

Stay Active

If you think you can look as young as possible while staying on the couch, you’re gravely mistaken. Simply put, you need to live an active lifestyle. To boot, keeping a regular exercise routine is instrumental in building lean, strong muscles. Moreover, it’s a glorious way to keep the risk of degenerative diseases away.

The thing is when you exercise you raise your feel-good hormones. By doing so, you feel vibrant and alive. Indeed, exercise has incredible effects on your mental well-being. When you’re in your best mood, you will look younger than ever.

But most importantly, you increase the blood flow to your skin. This sends more beneficial oxygen (carried by the blood) to your skin and by doing so you keep your skin looking healthy and alive.

Studies show that older adults who are active spend much lesser energy every day than those who are sedentary. So if you really want to look younger than ever, you know what to do: sweat it out.

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