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4 Ways to Be a Part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The words “breast cancer” may be heavy to say for some people. What some may not know is that the fatality of breast cancer can be drastically reduced in the case of early detection.

This is where breast cancer awareness plays a major role. It educates women about the symptoms of breast cancer and the importance of getting checked regularly to avoid a delayed diagnosis.

When Is Cancer Awareness Month?

Cancer awareness month is a global health campaign that takes place in October each year. The one-month event aims at raising awareness about breast cancer by educating people, especially women, on the nature of the disease and its symptoms. It encourages women to do annual checkups to make sure that everything is on track and to be able to early detect the tumor at the early stages in case they have breast cancer.

Women with ages ranging from 40 to 44 are advised to do a mammogram screening every year. While women of 55 years or older can switch to doing a mammogram screening once every 2 years.

If you are wondering how you can participate in breast cancer awareness month to spread awareness, promote annual medical examination for women, and show support to those suffering from the disease, here are some ways to do so:

Breast Cancer Ribbon

You may have seen people wearing small pink ribbons, but you were hesitant to ask about the symbolism of this. Well, wearing pink ribbons is a form of support for breast cancer patients.

It may seem like a very insignificant gesture to some, but it is not. People around the world wear these during breast cancer month to show solidarity to breast cancer fighters, honor the survivors, remember those who lost their battle, and work towards defeating breast cancer.


Volunteering to support cancer patients is something you need to be doing around the year, not just during breast cancer awareness month.

Contact hospitals and medical centers that treat breast cancer patients and inquire about their volunteer programs. You may be asked to provide emotional support during treatment sessions or offer rides for patients that may not have cars.

Just reach to people organizing breast cancer campaigns; they will tell you what to do.

Many associations organize events to raise funds to support underprivileged cancer patients and provide them with treatment. You can take part in those as well, as a participator or an organizer.

Raise Awareness on Social Media

Everyone has at least one social media account, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You can use social media to share information about breast cancer and educate people, share words of inspiration to lift the spirits of cancer patients or encourage people to volunteer and get screenings.

Donate Money

Money donation may be the most popular way many choose to support breast cancer patients. Some patients may not be able to afford certain aspects of their treatment plans or afford the essentials they need in life in general.

These challenges will burden them. You can alleviate that burden by donating to charities supporting underprivileged breast cancer patients.

Encourage your family and friends to donate, and if you can, launch small campaigns to raise money, e.g., a bake sale at your school or work.

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