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5 Truths About Male Health Risks

 30-Second Summary

  • Heart-related diseases and stroke are the top killers in the world.
  • Lung cancer kills more men than prostate, colon, and skin cancer combined.
  • Smoking is the leading cause of many respiratory diseases that affect men, including lung cancer.
  • Over 6 million men suffer from depressive disorders and suicidal thoughts, and men’s suicides mostly end in death.
  • Erectile dysfunction is a leading health risk for males, although it’s not a cause of death. However, it’s caused by the same process that causes cardiovascular diseases.
  • More men die of unintentional injuries than from diabetes and respiratory diseases.

An Insight into Men’s Health Risks

Men rarely seek medical help. As a result, they remain exposed to several preventable health issues, which unfortunately lead to their death. Prof. Griffith, in the American Journal of Health, says that the men’s health field lacks significant attention. Plus, the government lacks any national plan on men’s health.

Most health risks are fatal, and a significant number of men die prematurely due to the lack of early detection of some chronic diseases. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) outlines the leading male health risks resulting in death. The causes in 2017 in the United States were heart disease (24.2%), cancer (21.9%), unintentional injuries (7.6%), chronic lower respiratory diseases (5.2%), stroke (4.3%), diabetes (3.2%), and suicide (2.6%).

As pointed out earlier, one of the most disturbing and depressing health risks for men is erectile dysfunction (ED). Most men who suffer from ED suffer in silence and remain depressed. Research shows that about 2 out of 3 men older than 70 and up to 39% of 40-year-old men have ED problems. Equally important, many doctors view it to be a sign of imminent heart disease.

Fortunately, there exist some top-rated male enhancements on the market. These products may help alleviate erectile dysfunction, using a blend of natural ingredients to increase testosterone levels.

One such men’s health supplement is Savage Grow Plus. According to the Savage Grow Plus review postings, the product works by increasing blood circulation, boosting men’s erections and health. It may be able to manage erectile dysfunction and boost testosterone levels. It may also help end depression and anxiety in men.

5 Male Health Risks

  •      Heart Diseases. As the above data shows, heart diseases form the greatest risk to men’s health. Unfortunately, they are silent killers. Men should regularly go for checkups for early diagnosis to prevent these cardiovascular diseases.

Studies say they affect 1 in 3 adult men in the United States. Fortunately, your doctor can advise you based on blood pressure, lifestyle, smoking, and cholesterol levels and help you avoid killer heart failure and heart attack. Heart diseases are also closely related to stroke, another serial killer for men.

  • Lung Cancer. Studies show that lung cancer is more deadly than prostate, colon, and skin cancers. Worse, lung cancer isn’t detected early enough to mitigate its effects. Fortunately, stopping smoking may prevent 90% of all lung cancer cases. Are you still smoking? Maybe it’s time to stop for your health.
  • Serious Lower Respiratory Diseases. Apart from lung cancer, smoking is also closely associated with many respiratory diseases. The life-threatening respiratory conditions that pose a risk to men are lung disease, asthma, and emphysema. Other related diseases are chronic pulmonary disease, pneumonia, and influenza.
  • Depression and Suicide. This vulnerability is a sign of poor mental health. Research estimates that about 6 million men suffer from depressive disorders. Plus, they get accompanied by suicidal thoughts. Unfortunately, many men don’t realize they suffer from depression. Additionally, they use more fatal methods when they turn to suicide, which leads to many deaths.
  • Erectile Dysfunction. While the above risks mostly cause death, one less fatal but major men’s health problem deserves mention here. Erectile dysfunction affects close to 70% of men over 70 years and 39% of men at 40. What’s worse is that men suffer silently, which ends up in depression.

ED can be fatal as it could be a sign of serious health problems like heart attacks and stroke. And doctors view erectile dysfunction as an initial sign of heart disease since both are due to atherosclerosis. ED is also related to low sexual drive and other male sexual health problems.

Male Enhancement Supplements

Men who suffer from sexual health problems turn to male enhancements. Research points to about 30-50% of men suffering from sex drive reduction. Fortunately, top-rated male enhancements may be beneficial to men.

For instance, T-Hero reviews the product may be able to improve libido, increase sex performance, and raise testosterone levels. The supplement may combat ED.

Other than  T-Hero supplement, you can try Savage Grow Plus review points to another organic male enhancement supplement that could help you maintain healthy testo levels.


Men’s health risks like heart diseases, depression, cancer, respiratory diseases, and erectile dysfunction may be cured on early detection. Don’t wait to die or suffer silently. Otherwise, consult a doctor.

But if you face sexual health risks, T-Hero reviews show a dietary supplement that may alleviate your problem.

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