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6 post-pandemic fashion trends to get ready for

We’ve spent a year in loungewear, only dressing when we had to put on a shirt for that Zoom call, so the fact we can now leave the house again means we’re all a little excited to go and shop for a new wardrobe. After months of comfort and functionality in our clothes, it will be nice to dress a little more glamorously again, but what’s in store for us as clothes shops restock for the summer?

We’ve rounded up a few of the trends you should look out for this summer so you’re ready to get dressed up, take a lateral flow test and head out to enjoy the holiday season.

Bright colours and bright prints

After being locked inside for a year, designers have come to the correct conclusion that we all want to dress up a bit. Whether we’re going to the post office or we’re finally going on that girls’ weekend away, we want to dress to impress. Trend forecasters are predicting that pastels are out this summer, replaced instead by bold and bright colours. As for prints, the more flamboyant the better. Look out for stripes and prints in eclectic colour mixes.

Comfort is still a thing

Though we’re out of the house now, our sweatpants can actually come with us. While celebrities nail the art of the joggers and blazer look, designers have been incorporating comfort into all this year’s staples. Athleisure was popular before the pandemic but living in lockdown has truly cemented its place in the fashion world.

Layers of net

It sounds strange, but this summer it’s all about the versatility of our garments, and what’s more versatile than a layer filled with holes? From knitted dresses to woven coats and capes, designers really loved their layers of net this season. The macrame-style trend allows you to dress up, dress down and stay cool no matter where you’re headed.

The return of the corset

Don’t worry, you’re not going to be laced up Bridgerton-style and be unable to breathe all evening. On the high-street, the corset inspiration is more relaxed, with corset shapes and bandeaus making a statement in a lot of summer collections. Though it’s the total opposite of loungewear, the corset inspiration is a big trend this summer and is a great pairing with your most comfortable trousers, trust us.

Sequins, glitter and metallics

Usually a Christmas trend, designers have taken the hint and have introduced some glitzy glamour to their summer collections too. Comparisons to the Roaring 20s were rife during the pandemic, with many comparing our time in 2020 with that of the Spanish Influenza outbreak after the First World War. After years of war and then a deadly pandemic, the Roaring 20s was a defining moment in fashion history where people wanted to look and feel as glamourous as possible after years on rations. We get this same vibe from the current ‘anytime metallic’ trends we’re seeing this summer. People want to dress up and the sequins are ready for us.


Originally seen among smaller, independent designers, cottagecore style is making a hit on the high-street this summer. Look out for big collars, puffy sleeves and lots of frills. This is a more relaxed and romantic style compared with some of the other trends this summer. If you’ve ever wanted to dress like a fairy-tale character, then now is your chance.

With the excitement of a summer without a lockdown, many of us are looking forward to getting to dress up once more. As we plan our activities, take a Healgen Rapid Antigen test just to be safe, pack our hand sanitiser and head back to our lives, there are a mass of intriguing fashion trends to clothe us along the way.

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