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9 Warning Signs of Cancer

Cancer can affect any part of your body and may have no symptoms. Some signs like tiredness may be subtle while others like fever may be more noticeable.

Cancer results from the cellular modifications causing uncontrollable division and growth of cells. All cells die naturally via apoptosis, which is the process where old cells are replaced by new and healthier cells. However, cancer cells do not die and continue dividing and growing.

These cells use the nutrients and oxygen required for the other cells and may impair your immune system. Such cells may appear in one location and then spread through the lymph nodes.

Nine warning signs of cancer

  1. Unexplained weight loss
  2. Fever is your body’s way to fight illness and is a symptom of cancer
  3. Unusual blood loss in stools or urine
  4. Fatigue despite getting adequate sleep
  5. Cough eliminates unwanted substances from your system but persistent coughing for a long period may indicate cancer
  6. Modification to the skin may be a sign of skin or other kinds of cancers
  7. Stomach cancer may cause loss of appetite, swallowing difficulties, or pain after eating food
  8. Severe discomfort that is disproportionate to your level of physical activity
  9. Unexplained iron-deficiency anemia may be due to colon or rectum cancer

Five tips to prevent cancer

  1. Refrain from the consumption of tobacco and alcohol
  2. Do not eat red meat and saturated fats and include fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet
  3. Get regular physical activity and lose the extra weight
  4. Avoid exposure to radiation and environmental and industrial toxins
  5. Obtain an adequate amount of sleep

Cancer treatment costs

Treating cancer is a long and expensive process, which may erode your savings and leave you in a financial mess especially without medical insurance. Chemotherapy is a common treatment method and one session may cost between INR 50,000 to INR 80,000. This means, if you need six cycles, the total cost may range from INR 300,000 to INR 480,000. Before chemotherapy, you will spend on diagnostic tests, like MRI, PET, and CT scans; consultations; biopsy; and much more, which will cost lakhs of rupees.

Health insurance

A cashless health insurance plan covers hospitalization expenses incurred if you are diagnosed with cancer. However, managing and treating cancer is a long-term process and requires surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. You may be unable to continue working while undergoing treatment.

To ensure your family does not suffer from financial distress during such times, it is recommended you avail of cancer insurance. This policy pays a lump-sum when you are diagnosed with cancer irrespective of its severity. You may use the money for treatment, household expenses, or to repay any debt.

Include this insurance along with your regular mediclaim and secure your hard-earned savings today!

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