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A Fool-Proof Formula for Easy Hair Growth – Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair loss is a common problem, whether for males or females. The American Hair Loss Association states that it’s normal to lose about 50 to 100 hairs daily. About 50% of women are prone to balding, while 85% of men experience balding at 50 years of age. However, it is less common to find people undergoing hair transplant surgeries to address hair problem loss.

Although hair transplant is becoming famous by the day, many people still have little knowledge of hair transplant. And for those who know about it, the procedure is quite expensive. For instance, a hair transplant procedure in Europe costs as much as £30,000. However, medical tourism in countries such as Turkey has created the chance to have a hair transplant.

Dr. Resul Yaman Clinic

Dr. Resul Yaman was born in 1982 in Istanbul, Turkey. Dr. Yaman  graduated  from  Istanbul University,  Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine in 2005.

While he was studying at the university he started to search about the subject because of his hair loss problem.After gratuation, he started to work as an assistant at a hair transplantation clinic.He had his hair transplantation surgery in 2007.

Dr. Resul Yaman has performed  exclusive hair transplant, facial hair transplant and eyebrow transplant  surgery at his own clinic in Istanbul since 2009.He has more than 10 years of experience in the field of hair restoration surgery.

He is committed to staying active in this field through ongoing education and incorporating the latest advances into his practice.

Dr. Resul Yaman, has developed a new and exciting surgical instrument for Follicular Unit Excision (formerly known as follicular unit extraction) called the “Modified FUE-Yaman Implanter”. The “Modified FUE-Yaman Implanter” is different than other follicular unit implanters, because the grafts have minimal contact with the patients skin and the surgeons forceps. The “Modified FUE-Yaman Implanter” is an instrument used to transplant follicular units in to the patient’s recipient zone (scalp). This device was designed to reduce physical contact to the patients grafts. By reducing the amount of physical contact, the grafts and the scalp experience less trauma, which lead to a greater graft survival and faster healing

Dr. Yaman is an active member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS), the world’s largest organization of hair restoration surgery. He uses  Modified Micromotor FUE technique.


By Transplanting  many hair follicles, It is possible to get dense and natural results.The serial incision capability of micromotor allows to get more hair follicles.

Taking so many hair follicles  requires a long time to be tranplanted. Thus, hair follicles stay  out for a long time and get damaged. Micromotor  is a devise can reach high speed  so it may damage hair follicles.

Our modification has two main objective:Firstly,by using micromotor at low speed prevents  hair follicles damages arising from  heating  and breaks.Secondly, It aims to reduce the duration of hair follicles staying out.

However, the operation is being performed  by taking 1000 unit hair follicles incrementally. In this modification  after taking and transplanting  1000 hair follicles the operation moves on the other 1000 ones. When the  procedure is repeated  four times a day,4000 hair follicles are transplanted healthily.

By this means, hair follicles staying out duration is from 15 to 45 minutes which  is also the  ideal time  for majör organ transplantations.

Over the past years, hair transplant Turkey has increased popularity basing on its pocket-friendly all-in packages. Their services continue to receive great reviews, are authentic, reliable, and excellent.  As the hair transplant industry grows, more innovations have been invented, direct hair implantation surgery being the common one.

What is Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)?

Direct hair implantation is a product of the DHI Global medical group adjusted from the FUE technique. During a dhi hair transplant, a specialized pen-shaped tool is used to cut channels in your scalp and implant hair follicles.

Direct Hair Implantation Procedure

Direct hair implantation follows the same procedure as FUE hair implantation. Typically, hair follicles are removed from the scalp, primarily the back of your head, and implanted into the balding areas. New hair grows from the implanted hair follicles. It can take about 12 to 18 months to see the actual result of the surgery. The implantation process takes an average of 8 hours. However, it depends on the number of hair follicles being implanted. Therefore, the procedure may take more or fewer hours.

The standard DHI procedure:

Step 1: A surgeon will shave your head and numb it by applying local anesthesia.

Step 2: Hair follicles will be extracted from the back of your head using a fine tip tool.

Step 3: A pen-shaped instrument will be loaded with the hair follicles and implanted in your balding area of the scalp.

Step 4: An antibiotic cream will be applied on all areas and sealed with a bandage.

Factors to Consider Before a DHI Procedure.

Certain factors may deter you from having hair implantation. Here is what you should consider before going for the DHI procedure:

  • Hair diameter: People with thicker hair are more likely to produce good results and people with thin hair have natural results
  • Hair Color: Persons with hair almost similar to their skin tone or light hair are more likely to succeed.
  • Age: Anyone who wants to receive a hair implant should be above 25 years. Hair loss before this age is often unknown and unpredictable.

Final Thoughts

Undergoing a direct hair transplant is a personal choice.  However, consulting a specialist before the hair implantation procedure is obligatory. In case you go through the process, always have fewer expectations and embrace the results. Keep in mind that certain hair factors may cause different outcomes. In most cases, that is determined by the volume and quality of your hair.

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