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A frizzy hair guide from Curl Up

Whether you’re well into your CG journey or just starting out, we all have days that make us go, ‘What the Frizz?!’. Just know that you’re not alone and even the most annoying frizz can be effectively tackled and controlled by using the right methods.

What’s the deal with Frizz?

Frizz is essentially a reaction to the lack of moisture in your hair. When dry hair tries to quench itself with moisture from the air, the cuticles swell up as well. Since the cuticle can have overlapping layers, these protrude out and appear as visible frizz. It all comes down to how moisturized your hair is. The drier the hair, the worse the frizz. Harsh shampoos, heated stylers and even humidity affects frizz. If you’re on the CG-journey, don’t let frizzy hair bring you down. Here are a few tried and tested tricks to tame frizz and let your locks shine:

  • Oil be there for you:

We don’t mean the traditional act of dousing your hair with a cup full of oil, curls need moisture but not too much that it gets weighed down. Opt for lighter oils such as Argan or Almond and put their nourishing properties to use by pre-pooing or even applying a light layer post styling for added shine and lesser frizz.

  • No-Poo:

This is a familiar term with tenured CG-ers, but if you’re confused, no-poo simply means eliminating shampoo from your haircare routine. A simple wash down of the scalp with plain water, followed by conditioning of only the length of your tresses goes a long way in reducing frizz and maintaining optimal moisture levels in hair. If you feel that your scalp still feels too oily and weighed down, dilute your regular dollop of shampoo in a mug of water and use the solution to gently wash away accumulated oil and debris from the scalp and length of your hair.

  • Protection is key:

Are you a victim of sneaky frizz that shows up just a day after you’ve spent hours cleansing and styling your curls? The solution to this frustrating frizz maybe as simple as protection! Yes, your gorgeously styled ringlets can fall victim to friction, environmental elements such as humidity, pollution or even sweat. A few nifty ways to reduce frizz is to use satin pillowcases or bonnets while sleeping and simply covering your tresses with a silk scarf while stepping out. Make sure your hair is up in a pineapple or bun while working out to avoid frizz from sweat.

  • Kick the Comb:

A comb, especially fine-toothed ones, have no place in a curly girl’s vanity! Ensure that you use a wide-toothed detangler or nature’s best – your fingers, to detangle. Another important tip is to never detangle while your hair is dry. The best time to do it would be in the shower after conditioning or while refreshing your curls with a moisturizing spritz. Combing dry hair stresses the cuticles and causes not just damage and loss of curl form, but also a ton of unwanted frizz. 

  • Turn up your Curls, not the Heat:

Styling tools, while tempting, cause long-term damage such as dryness, split ends and frustrating frizz. These heating techniques may calm your curls temporarily but are not buddies you’d want to stick around. Opt for diffusers on low or no heat or simply air-dry your hair to maintain its natural definition, texture and shine – sans the frizz!

  • Product-ivity Matters:

Your choices define you the same way your product choices define your curls! Double-check on ingredients and keep baddies such as silicones, sulphates and parabens away. Use certified CG friendly, frizzy hair products that will enhance your curls, not strip them off moisture and leave them dry and frizzy. Products with moisturizing ingredients such as argan oil and flaxseed such as the Curl Up range, are specifically created to turn around dry, frizzy hair and infuse it with moisture and shine.

There you go, Lovelies! Simple yet effective tips to keep pesky frizz away. Here’s to a heart full of happiness and a head full of fabulous, frizz-free curls!

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