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A Handy Guide to Dental Health and Hygiene for Young Kids

It is quite inevitable that the numero uno dental problem among the pre-schoolers is the tooth decay. Many caretakers and parents assume that the cavities are the least of their problems, because they will get lost anyway. But that is not a true fact. Dental decay in your kid’s teeth can impact their permanent teeth and will lead to future dental problems.

Teach them good dental habits

This is the most helpful habit to help them retain their good oral health. You may get your child in practice with the maintenance of oral hygiene by supervising and helping him so as to get rid of all the plague, the soft, sticky deposits that are gathered on the teeth which cause tooth decay. Also, look out for the areas of brown or white spots which are the symptoms of early decay.

Tooth brushing

  1. Amount of toothpaste

When your child turns 3, you can begin using a pea sized amount of fluoride toothpaste that helps in preventing cavities. If they do not like the taste of the toothpaste, you can make them try another flavour. Also teach your child not to swallow it as it may cause brown on white spots on your kid’s adult teeth.

  1. Brushing motion

You will come across all types of advice on the best brushing motion. The truth is, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is to clean each tooth, top and bottom, inside and out. As the kid mostly focuses on the front teeth, you will have to teach them to clean every tooth possible. Also, they cannot brush their teeth without help until they turn about 6 to 8 years only. So, ensure to supervise or do the actual brushing if needed.

Too much sugar

Additional to the regular toothbrushing with the right amount of fluoride toothpaste, your child’s diet also plays a part in his oral hygiene. Sugar is the antagonist here. The longer his teeth are exposed to the sugar, the greater the risk of the cavities. Sticky sugar foods like caramel, gum, toffee etc. especially when it stays in the mouth, could do some serious damage. Ensure to brush your child’s teeth after a sugary food item. Also, don’t let them have any sugary fluid in a sippy cup for long.

For more tips on promoting a good dental hygiene of your child, feel free to contact Dentist Henderson.

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