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A Quick Overview Of Stem Cell Treatment: Things Worth Knowing

Chances are high that you have heard some promising things about stem cell treatment. Just like PRP therapy, stem cell treatment relies on stem cells from your own body to trigger a healing response. For patients who are dealing with certain kinds of chronic pain and do not want to go for invasive surgery, this could be an alternative treatment. Before you look for a stem cell clinic in Houston, TX, we are sharing some of the basic details that are worth knowing about stem cell treatment.

When to consider stem cell therapy?

In recent years, stem cell therapy has shown promise in treatment of many conditions, including fractures that don’t seem to heal, for pain in wrist, ankle, and elbow, shoulder pain, chronic pain in back and neck, arthritis, and plantar fasciitis to name a few. For treating baldness too, stem cell therapy is being promoted.

Knowing the basics

For the uninitiated, stem cells have the unique ability to take on the properties of surrounding cells. For instance, if a patient has a cartilage issue, injecting stem cells in the region will help it regrow. It is a common myth that stem cells are derived from embryos, which is not true. The human body continues to produce stem cells all through its life, and the stem cells used for treatment will be obtained from your own body, typically from the belly fat or bone marrow. Once the stem cells are injected in the target area, the healing process is initiated.

How does it work?

Patients typically require at least three stem cell injections, which are injected at the site, with a gap of five days or less. The procedure is absolutely simple, and there is no downtime involved. The doctors will first inject a dextrose solution, following which stem cells will be injected at the target area. Next, a platelet injection will be given, which will help the stem cells to do the healing job.

Final word

If you have any questions related to stem cell treatment, talk to your doctor. The good news is there are some amazing clinics in Houston that are known for their stem cell and PRP treatments, and you can always ask relevant questions before deciding on the treatment. In general, stem cell therapy is safe and has minimal risks, and since your own stem cells are used, your body wouldn’t reject the same.

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