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Acne is one of the most common skin concerns across the globe. It can be painful. Even after they are gone, they leave behind deep scarring which isn’t easy to deal with. Often it happens that the scars are so deep that they can’t be easily dealt with. Scarring and pigmentation are two main concerns left behind after acne breakout. Laser treatment is one of the best acne scar removal Toronto options. The laser delivers heat to the deepest layers of the skin and helps in its regeneration. Some of the most popular treatments for acne scar removal are as follows.

 Erbium Laser

It is an excellent option for treating acne scars. The laser works by providing controlled ablation to the fine layer of skin. This helps to resurface the appearance of the scar. To get the best possible results from this treatment it is suggested to have a series of appointments that are several weeks apart. Erbium Laser treatment is best suited to those with mild to moderate scarring and has fairer skin tones. People with darker skin tones who plan to undergo this procedure can run into complications. You must speak to a medical professional before undergoing the treatment. Take 2 to 4 days off after the treatment. This will allow your skin time to heal.

 IPL Laser 

IPL laser treatments like AFT is a suitable treatment option for mild scarring. It works by reducing the visibility of the discolouration and pigmentation caused by acne. This type of laser treatment is very tolerable and non-invasive. It can help in restoring your skin to look blemish-free. After the laser treatment, you might experience clear skin. However, you must combine it with a comprehensive skincare regime. This will help to prevent future breakouts. As acne treatments have to be tailored according to the person’s needs it is suggested to undergo a series of treatments to get the best possible result.

 CO2 Laser treatment

The CO2 laser treatment is a super treatment for acne scarring. It can easily target the toughest and deepest acne scars. Due to its high intensity, only one appointment is required to help you get rid of even the deepest scars. If you have severe scarring, you might require a second appointment for the CO2 laser treatment. The heat radiated from the laser reaches the deepest layer of the skin which cant be done by any other laser.

In the treatment, microscopic holes are made across the skin’s surface. It leaves the surrounding tissues untouched which helps to promote faster healing. During the treatment, the upper layer of the skin is removed, making it easier to target the depth of the acne scars to enable fresh skin to be revealed. The fresh skin will match the original scarred area. The tiny holes will help in the production of new collagen which will help to smoothen out the remaining acne scar. You will be able to see the results within 7 to 10 days.

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