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All You Need To Know Concerning Male Breast Reduction

There is a misconception about breasts reduction being a women’s stuff only. Even men suffer from breast enlargement caused by several factors. For example, during puberty, a man tends to experience hormonal surges that later cause breast tissue enlargement. These enlarged tissues might not level up after puberty, leaving a man with a ‘woman-like ‘ chest.

This will deteriorate the man’s self-esteem and leave you with a condition known as gynecomastia. This can only be rectified by conducting a male breast reduction surgery. This surgery will help improve the look of your chest by simply making it more ‘manlier.’ During this surgery, the removal of the excess glandular breast tissue, liposuction of the excess fat, and skin excision are carried out. Below are factors that contribute to gynecomastia.

 Causes Of Male Breast Tissues Enlargement

Several factors can bring about male Breast Tissues enlargement. Below are some of the factors that contribute to this condition.

  • Hormonal surges during puberty.
  • Usage of anabolic steroids in bodybuilders.
  • Usage of marijuana.
  • Some medications might also cause tissue enlargement around the chest.
  • Excessive weight gain due to an increase in estrogen leading to the growth of breast tissue.

Before undertaking a male breast reduction surgery, you have to get prepared for it. The following are the preparation before the surgery, during, and even after the surgery.

Preparation Before, During, And After The Surgery


  • Stop taking medication that increases bleeding risk.
  • Put a stop to smoking weeks before you undergo surgery.
  • Increase your nutrition to aid in proper healing after surgery.


  • Most surgeons use general anesthesia to perform the operation, but even oral sedation and local anesthesia can be used too.


  • Many surgeons use drains after surgery to decrease the chances of fluid collection.
  • Icing and compression vests will also help in pain control, bruising control and also reduce swelling.
  • Avoid intense exercises like heavy weight lifting and also avoid stretching for about three weeks after the surgery.

Shortcomings Of Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Like any other surgery, male breasts reduction surgery can bring about problems. The following events can result after you undertake a male breast reduction surgery.

  •         The wound may not respond well in terms of healing.
  •         The sensation around the nipple may be lost
  •         Development of lumps, bruises, and swelling.
  •         Thick and obvious scars
  •         Wrong repositioning of the nipples and the breasts
  •         Hematoma –refers to the internal bleeding of the breasts tissues.
  •         You might also experience excessive bleeding.
  •         You might even get an infection around the operated area.
  •         Formation of a blood clot.
  •         Experiencing an allergic reaction to the choice of anesthetic used during surgery.

Final Words

If you experience any problems during the surgery, you should take fast action and inform your doctor. If the results after the surgery do not satisfy you, be sure to make a call or visit the clinic where you had your surgery performed. You can also feel free to consult with your surgeons about male breasts reduction care. Settle with breast reduction surgery and finally get to achieve that manly chest.

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