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An Overview of Dry Needling and How It Is Beneficial

Different types of therapies exist whenever a person wants to alleviate pain. Some of the traditional techniques include yoga, chiropractic, and physical therapies. However, modern practices are trying to focus on the trigger points in muscles to relieve pain. The technique is known as dry needling. This read will focus on what it is all about and its benefits to individuals suffering from muscle pains.

What is Dry Needling?

The procedure entails treating pain and mobility challenges due to the condition. It is a non-invasive treatment method that utilizes needles and not medications or surgery. Most of the time, people will stretch or use ice to calm the muscles when they feel pain and discomfort. The procedures are not effective for all patients, but you can consider dry needling in Lafayette, LA. It is essential to have a professional undertake the treatment for safety and success.

How It Works

As stated earlier, dry needling utilizes thin needles, and a qualified personnel is ideal for undertaking the procedure. The therapist must wear protective equipment when conducting dry needling. The needles go through the skin to target a trigger point. Unlike injectable treatments for muscular pains, this therapy will not include medicine. Therapists will dispose of the needles after completing the procedure.

The Benefits

Whether it is mild or chronic pain around the muscles, dry needling is the ideal solution. It is also an alternative treatment for inflammations in tissues and ligaments. The components’ health improves as the procedure improves blood circulation and the amount of oxygen in them. In turn, the patient experiences relief, and the tissues become less sensitive. Dry needling stimulates the nerves to reduce the pain. Here is how the procedure is beneficial;

  • Relieves pain; muscle fibers form afresh whenever a patient undergoes the It aids in alleviating pain in the area and makes the muscle relax. Through the trigger points, a therapist can soothe the muscles from strain due to injury or other conditions.
  • Quick recovery; since dry needling is a targeted therapy for muscle tissues, patients will recover faster than if they use other ways to manage pain. It ensures the patient gets full recovery and can undertake normal activities as before. The treatment is usually successful because it supports
  • Precision; the treatment focuses on the affected body parts. A therapist knows the human body and will use the anatomy to locate the Then, they insert needles at the points they identify to relieve muscle pain.
  • Improves mobility; movement in human beings depends on After patients undergo dry needling therapy, they can move more quickly and better than before. It is an excellent way to improve muscle performance and mobility.


A therapist’s skills will determine the result of dry needling therapy. The professionals in the field know the human anatomy and what to target during the treatment. So, it is critical to have an expert take you through the treatment process. You do not have to undergo medical or surgical procedures to muscle pains.

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