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Best Punching Bag Workouts to Burn Calories

15 minute punching workout routines 

Punching a bag is no easy task. If you have ever encountered a bag and have tried to give it a go you know how hard it is to actually do any damage to it. It’s almost impossible for the average person with normal strength or power levels, to do any amount of damage to the bag these bags weigh around 50 to 150lbs. So any time you hit that bag you will be met with resistance. In order to help minimize any injuries, you will need some gear and a lot of practice. 

Throwing your first jab at a punching bag will most likely hurt since you are not prepared for it. In order to get a good punch, you have to engage your core, shoulders, hips, and body in order to control any movement that carried out by you. This means when throwing punches you need to use all parts of your body if you want to engage them because otherwise, your muscles won’t move fast enough so as soon you throw the first punch.

Any type of routine that engages so much of your body is sure to help you lose calories and build strength. You will be able to get lean muscles and get amazing self-defense tactics. This is one of the few cardio workouts that can help you achieve body upper and lower body definition. These punching bag workouts will help you tone and define your body. 

Warm-up: In every workout that you do you should always begin with warming up your muscles. A warmup involves stretching before starting exercise. There are many ways to stretch but some people prefer just a quick 15-minute stretch. You can do a few of these simple warm-ups: Light jogging in place, jumping jacks, or air squats.

Cross punches (dominant side): Cross punches are designed to target the arms and shoulders. If you think 55 seconds is easy, you need to make sure you’re really throwing your full force into each cross punch, keeping your abs tight and face protected with your non-working hand. The best way I’ve found using this method was by doing two sets, resting for ten seconds, and repeating this drill until I felt comfortable. When you take your punch across your body with your most dominant arm, shift your weight forward, using the force of your weight to throw your fist to the bag. At the end of the punch, return your hand to its position in front of your face instead of swinging downward. Immediately shift your weight back to the starting position to set up for another powerful strike.

Cross Punches (non-dominant side): Complete the same exercise as before, this time around focus on your non-dominant side. If you’re right-handed just complete a set of cross punches using your right arm, this time use your left arm, setting up in a boxing stance with your right foot forward, your left foot back, and your weight shifted primarily to the back foot. If you’re left-handed and just finished a set of cross punches using your left arm, this time use your right arm, doing the same motions as before.

Heavy bag: The heavy bag has been around for a while. A heavy bag workout has helped boxers improve their overall skills without the need of a partner. This is also great for beginners since it will get them ready for sparring. For this drill, you will need to wrap your hands on a pair of thick boxing gloves. You will be using a variety of punches like jabs, hooks crosses, and uppercuts for every round. The hardest part about heavyset bags is learning how to perfect the strikes. You will need a lot of practice and patience to build this technique. These types of movements will increase your speed and your endurance to help you lose weight fast. This routine will help you tone your arms and shoulders. 

Speed bag: A speed bag is a ballon that is held by a hook and raised by a rebound platform. Practicing on speed bags over time or by going through the actual ring you can learn tricks such as certain strikes to enhance effectiveness further and thus helping boost both strength and endurance level drastically compared to regular sparring sessions. There aren’t many hazards involved so you won’t necessarily find yourself running after each strike nor getting hurt quite often either. If practiced regularly this exercise will help you tone your arms and shoulders.

These are all about 15-minute workout sessions that you can practice in your punching bag or a speed bag ballon which would work well together too. All exercises must include warm-ups do that you don’t pull put any muscles while you are exercising. Always start off slow and gradually move up to faster more rhythmic movements. Your body will be completely engaged giving you a workout that is guaranteed burn fat and that stubborn belly fat.

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