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Can You Get an Easy Treatment for Varicose Veins?

If you are suffering from varicose veins then you need not worry as there are effective treatments available today and you need not always go for surgery. There are much better alternatives available that can cure your varicose veins.

You can now get your leg treated by traitement varices au laser which is much advanced therapy and is also called Endovenous Thermal Ablation (EVLA). The treatment has been found to be quite effective. Let us try to understand what are the various plus points of this treatment.

No General Anesthesia is needed

For getting EVLA treatment, it is not necessary to give general anesthesia, as the area where treatment has to be provided can be made numb by applying local anesthesia. By using local anesthesia, you can be free from a number of potential risks that most of the patients often suffer. You are free from any kind of infection, confusion, fatigue or nausea. Local anesthesia can be easily used in any doctor’s clinic and there is no need to take the patient to an operation theater.

Quick recovery process

After undergoing EVLA treatment, any patient can easily go back to his home or join in his work and continue with his regular routine activities without any problem. However, little bit of pain and discomfort will be felt immediately after the procedure is carried out, but that will not last too long. Therefore, one need not get scared about such treatment as it is least invasive method of treatment.

Results can be seen almost immediately

The whole procedure may be completed within 45 to 50 minutes and the patient can immediately see the results of the treatment. However, varicose veins can be seen but all the symptoms that are associated with this problem will not be felt after the procedure is carried out. Within few days, the varicose veins that you see will also vanish. Your leg will look almost like any normal leg.

Suitable for any kind of skin

This kind of treatment has been found to be effective for any kind of skin and even deeper veins can also be treated.

There are number of places where you can get EVLA treatment. Doctors will give you an appointment after doing the preliminary check. You must reach the treatment center as per the appointed hours. You need not take off from your work too.

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