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Can You Save a Marriage After an Affair?

Infidelity is a betrayal that can be hard to overcome in a lot of marriages. The good folk at Psych Blossom (visit their website here) say that the person who is victim of adultery will often feel heartbroken and devastated knowing the person they love has committed an act of unfaithfulness. Even though it could ultimately end in a divorce, some couples do decide to try to heal their marriage after one or the other has committed adultery. Below we look at why someone may have an affair, what to do when it is exposed, and how to rebuild a marriage thereafter.

Why May Someone Have an Affair?

Although affairs are indefensible, there may be any number of reasons as to why someone may have one. Firstly, they might feel like they are receiving a lack of attention and affection from their partner, so they look to find someone who will give them what they need. As well as this, a person might have an affair in a bid to boost their ego. Some people like to know that they are desired by others and so become absorbed by this. We also find that a partner may commit adultery because they believe that they need something new or fresh in their life to ramp up the excitement; a secret lover will make their life feel riskier and give them a thrill. These reasons do not justify their actions, and in many instances an affair can be avoided if the person communicates with their partner and explains how they are feeling.

What to do When Your Partner’s Affair is Exposed

If you discover that your partner has been having an affair, you might be feeling a range of intense emotions. Shock, anger, and sadness will be clouding your judgment, but it is important to try not to make any sudden decisions in the heat of the moment. This will ensure you do not do anything you will regret.

It may be a wise idea to take some time apart to think about everything you are feeling and how to overcome this. If you are the partner who has been cheated on, try to clear your head, and speak to a close family member or friend to vent your feelings and get some support. For the person that has committed the affair, allow your partner to have some space so they can decide how everything should be dealt with.

Ways to Rebuild Trust After an Affair

There are things that can be done to help fix the marriage after an affair has occurred if both partners are committed to moving on. Couples’ counselling is ideal if you wish to mend your marriage. This can help with underlying problems that may be within the relationship, as well as the affair itself. A trained professional will be able to help couples navigate through this tough time by allowing them to express their feelings and providing them with advice.

It is important to remember that once the trust is broken, it can take a long time for it to be mended. If you both want to make your marriage work, the number one priority should be to discuss any boundaries you may like to put in place and work on forgiveness. Setting clear boundaries makes sure your partner knows that the relationship will be over if trust is broken again. Forgiving your partner for cheating is difficult and will require time for you to fully trust them again. It is essential then that they make you feel loved and prove that you made the right decision to work on the marriage.

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