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Clinical Rotations Role in the Medical Education

 The last two years of medical school comprise valuable clinical rotations. Clinical rotations are an integral part of medical education, as they offer an opportunity to gain hands-on clinical experience by working in a hospital setting. These rotations are also popularly known as clinical clerkships and clinical training. Clinical rotations are very similar to having a full-time job, even though there is no compensation. Still, students in rotation may have to work for longer hours, similar to a resident or a practicing doctor. This transition that clinical rotations offer makes a significant phase in the life of a future doctor.

In this article, we’ll make you familiar with the role of clinical rotation in medical education.

Let’s get straight into it.

Clinical rotations take medical education to the next level as the student’s transition from being medical students to medical doctors. Here is the role of clinical rotations in medical education:

Helps Develop Clinical Skills Through Experience

Excellent clinical skills make perfect medical professionals. Thus, clinical skills and training in medical education start early with clinical rotations. The students in rotations work under the supervision of trained and expert medical professional that promotes clinical training.

Chance to Apply Medical School Studies Into Practice

Clinical rotations are the final and most crucial phase of the medical school journey. These rotations typically span from semester 6 to 10, the last two years of medical education.

The students, during rotation, shadow a physician or a resident at teaching hospitals with access to work with real patients, leading to hands-on experience in clinical medicine. Since this is students’ first hands-on experience interacting with patients, they are also encouraged to apply classroom learnings into practice to ensure the holistic development of future medical professionals.

An Opportunity to Find a Specialty Through Elective Rotations

The clinical experience gained by the students in rotations comes from two types of rotations: core and elective clinical rotations.

Typically, 42 weeks of core clinical rotations are offered in family medicine, psychiatry, internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, and pediatrics. The elective clinical rotations are 30 weeks long, allowing the students to explore different specialties for their medical careers. Most popular and highly recommended electives include Cardiology, Neurology, Pathology, Emergency Medicine, Radiology, Urology, and Anesthesiology.

Thus, with an array of medical specialties offered, the students can opt for an elective rotation that matches their future objectives.

Facilitate Transition of Medical Students into Practicing Doctors

Medicine is a practice-oriented field. Even though it involves the study of medical theories, it is important to obtain experience to become a doctor. When medical students reach the final years of medical education, they become fully equipped with theoretical knowledge and practical skills to act as a physician. Hence, clinical rotations are the best tool for a seamless transition of the student into a doctor.

Typically in the US, Canada, or the Caribbean, the first two years of medical school are classroom-oriented, academic learning through lectures. During the initial years of medical school, the theoretical learnings offer a solid foundation to build advanced medical knowledge, including clinical skill development and clinical training. After which, the students are encouraged to shadow physicians and residents during clinical rotations.

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