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Dark Circles and Eye Puffiness? Here are the perfect solutions

Have you been worried about how tired you look eleven after a good night’s sleep? You might think that your fatigue is the only thing causing dark circles and puffy eyes. But a lot of factors also contribute to those bags under your eyes. It includes under-eye fat loss, hyperpigmentation, aging, and genetics, etc. So cold water splash or makeup is not the correct solution.

Solutions like peptides that are anti-aging can prove to be effective in dealing with dark puffy eyes. So, go ahead and buy peptides for the window to your soul. Also, habits like applying sunscreen can prove beneficial to your eyes. Let’s look into some solutions that come in handy while dealing with dark circles and puffiness.

  1. Put on a Cold Compress

Cold Compress is one of the classic solutions that you may have heard from your mom. It is also one of the easiest with no side effects. All you have to do is put on a cold mask for around 15 minutes before you sleep. Make sure it is clean whenever you apply. Just cool it in the refrigerator and put it on.

  1. Peptide-induced Eye Cream

Eye creams are a hit when it comes to dark circles. Sadly, many do not fulfill the promises they so unabashedly make. It is not the case with eye creams that have peptides in them. Peptides are the foundation of collagen that reduces as you age. So, creams induced with peptides promote collagen building that results in youthful eyes.

  1. Cut Down on Alcohol

Alcohol has a bad name when it comes to your eyes. Remember how your eyes were all swollen and red after a night out? Well, dehydration is to blame. Always keep a check on your drinks; make it a point not to take more than two. Make sure to drink water and moisturize your eyes after a party.

  1. Apply a Moisturizer with sunscreen

Sometimes it is the basic habits that help the most. Moisturizing your skin according to your skin type helps seal the moisture, and sunscreen acts as a shield from harmful UV rays of the sun. Choose one that has both the benefits. A light layer will be best for daytime and apply a heavy layer before you go to sleep.

  1. See Your Dermatologist

If you suffer from heavy pigmentation and puffiness, it is best to take professional advice. Mostly, laser treatments are used to decrease the visible blood vessels under your eyes. This reduces the bluish appearance and corrects your under-eye tone. These treatments are expensive and cost a fortune to try. It totally depends on you and your current under eye conditions.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, take proper care of your under eyes just like your entire face. But be open to the thought that those dark circles may just be a gift of genetics. Embrace that and follow these tips to maintain your under-eye skin. There are many remedies with no side effects. Importantly, make sure you are sleeping for 8 hours peacefully.

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