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Different Tests to Decide the Infertility Treatment Line

Infertility is a major issue these days. It is defined as the condition in which a woman cannot get pregnant even after one year of unprotected intercourse. There can be many causes and precipitating factors that contribute to infertility. If you are suffering from this issue, then contact a doctor or physician for better guidance and advice. You can also visit fertility centre in Delhi for more information about ICSI treatment. There can be many tests and methods through which the doctors or health professionals can decide your treatment lime.

Below are different tests mentioned that can decide your infertility line. They are as follows:

Infertility tests for males:

  • Semen analysis

Your doctor or health professional can ask for a semen analysis. It is one of the most popular and major tests that can be the deciding factor in case of infertility. Your seme specimen is analysed properly by professionals to check for any specific issues or abnormalities.

  • Hormone testing

In this test, your blood sample is taken by the doctor or physician to check hormone levels. Impaired or inadequate hormones can also contribute to infertility.

  • Genetic testing

Sometimes a genetic defect can result in infertility. Your doctor can opt for genetic testing to check the presence of infertility.

  • Testicular biopsy

A biopsy is performed on a testicle to check for particular conditions. The test s performed by following proper safety measures to avoid any problems or consequences,

  • Imaging

Your doctor can also recommend tests such as MRI to get an accurate idea of the reproductive parts and diagnose certain specific conditions.

Tests for females

The major test that can determine infertility issues in females is mentioned below. They are as follows:

  • Ovulation testing

Ovulation testing is done through a blood test. It is done to measure blood levels. These tests are performed to check whether the female body is ovulating or not.

  • HSG test

HSG Test is an X-ray procedure through which the condition of the uterus and fallopian tubes is done by the doctor or health professionals. X-ray contrast is injected into the uterus, and then an X-ray is taken to determine the results.

  • Ovarian reserve testing

This test is done to determine the number of eggs produced by the ovaries in the female body.

  • Another hormone testing

Your doctor can also recommend other tests to check the levels of hormones. It can help in determining the presence of infertility easily. The normal levels of the ovulating hormones and pituitary hormones result in the absence of infertility.

  • Imaging tests

Ultrasounds of the pelvis are usually done to determine the condition of the uterus or the presence of ovarian disease. In certain specific cases, doctors can also recommend a sonogram to see the possible conditions and details inside the human body.

The lifestyle that we follow can easily contribute to infertility rates. You can visit the doctor or a trained health professional if you think that you are suffering from this condition. In addition, patients should follow the advice of the doctor and medications given to them for the best results.

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