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Dr. Allan Spiegel Provides Care For Patients Suffering From Cognitive Issues

Around 50 million people are battling against Dementia, with an average of 10 million new cases being reported every year. That leaves many people wondering for themselves and their loved ones what to do next.

There are many recommended treatments for patients suffering from Cognitive Decline, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s. Among those, Cognitive Rehabilitation, Pharmaceutical Drugs, and even Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy have been proven to show positive results. Dr. Allan M. Spiegel at Neurological Solutions offers all of these therapies in one state-of-the-art facility.

Cognitive rehabilitation involves a therapist working with the patient to identify areas where they seek improvements. A large-scale trial led by the University of Exeter has found that cognitive rehabilitation leads to people seeing satisfying progress in areas that enable them to maintain their functioning and independence. At Neurological Solutions, you will find two licensed therapists who specialize in treating patients with Dementia. Diagnostic collaboration is at the core of Dr. Spiegel’s practice. Dr. Spiegel works closely alongside his cognitive therapists to integrate the patient, and their families, to find a treatment plan that fits the patient’s needs. The method of treatment establishes a support group that is both encouraging and listens.

Dr. Spiegel has been successfully treating dementia patients with HBOT for the last 20 years. “Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which has been approved by the FDA for many different indications, was only recently studied for cognitive challenges, with data suggesting that it may offer new hope for cognitive decline. It has previously shown statistically notable improvements in memory measures and indicates that it can lead to significant neurological improvements in post-stroke patients even at chronic late stages. Now, new data has implied that it may hold promise for those with diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia,” according to Dr. Shai Efrati.

Dr. Spiegel also works closely with Pharmaceutical Companies and their representatives to offer his patients the newest and best medications available.“I am always working to find the superior product for my patients. Whether it’s a new treatment or a new medication, my patients have access to the best” Dr. Allan M Spiegel.

If you or your loved one is affected by Cognitive Decline, see Dr. Allan Spiegel’s Youtube channel below, where you will find further information.


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