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Dr. Ebenezer N. Yamoah Discusses the Growing Prevalence of Alzheimer’s Disease

Dr. Ebenezer N. Yamoah Discusses Alzheimer’s Disease, its Cause, and the Various Treatment Options Available for this Common Form of Dementia


During the past few years, the top scientist in the world, including Dr. Ebenezer N. Yamoah, have been working hard to explore new treatment options for people who are diagnosed with dementia. For those who might not know, dementia is a class of progressive neurological disorders that lead to a variety of symptoms. One of the most common types of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease. This is a serious condition that can impact not only the individual diagnosed with it but also his or her family members and friends. Thanks to scientists such as Dr. Ebenezer N. Yamoah, there are new diagnostic and treatment options available for Alzheimer’s disease. There are several important points that everyone should note as well.

Dr. Ebenezer N. Yamoah Discusses the Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease

Similar to other neurological disorders, the severity of Alzheimer’s disease can vary markedly from patient to patient. The marquee system of Alzheimer’s disease is memory loss. One of the earliest signs of this condition is that individuals afflicted with it usually have difficulty remembering certain conversations or events that took place recently. As Alzheimer’s disease progresses, memory impairments are going to get worse.

According to Dr. Ebenezer N. Yamoah, there are a variety of other symptoms that might appear as well. Those who have developed Alzheimer’s disease might have difficulty concentrating on certain tasks. In particular, people with Alzheimer’s disease have trouble with abstract concepts, numbers, and multitasking. As the disease progresses, people with Alzheimer’s disease might also have trouble making judgments and working through complex decisions.

Dr. Ebenezer N. Yamoah Discusses Treatment Options for Alzheimer’s Disease

Even though there is nothing that can reverse Alzheimer’s disease, Dr. Ebenezer N. Yamoah and other renowned scientists have been researching this condition for years. Now, there are medications that can slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. In particular, cholinesterase Inhibitors and memantine can enhance the level of cell-to-cell communication that takes place in the nervous system. This can slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, particularly in individuals with moderate to severe dementia. Furthermore, family members and friends should work hard to create a safe and supportive environment to make sure that someone with Alzheimer’s disease feels supported.

Dr. Ebenezer N. Yamoah on the Future of Alzheimer’s Dementia Diagnosis and Treatment

As the general population continues to live longer and longer, Alzheimer’s disease is only going to become more common. That is why renowned scientists such as Dr. Ebenezer N. Yamoah work so hard on a daily basis to develop new diagnostic and treatment options for Alzheimer’s disease. It will be exciting to see what new tools doctors will have at their disposal in the coming years.

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