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Erectile Dysfunction is Common, But Is It Treatable?

ED is an acronym for “erectile dysfunction”. It is one of the most common sexual problems that affects millions of men. It can cause embarrassment and anxiety to the sufferer’s partner and themselves. The male sexual response system is very complex and many underlying causes must be found and resolved in order for ED to be treated effectively. With the right treatment program, about 15% of men can completely eliminate their erectile dysfunction.

ED can have many different causes. One of the most common is a hormonal imbalance. Any underlying hormonal or metabolic disorder can lead to ED. This means that certain medications or even a slight food change may not be enough to correct the dysfunction. In such cases a complete change of lifestyle may be necessary. ED treatments include prescription medications as well as a variety of dietary changes which are designed to correct any underlying imbalances.

Other causes for ED are either from a condition known as diabetes or a low blood flow to the genital organs. To correct these underlying conditions and increase sexual desire, several treatments are available. For example, acupuncture and herbal supplements can provide relief from ED. Herbal supplements include ginkgo biloba, which increases blood flow and can help stimulate erections and improve the quality of erections, horny goat weed, which increase blood flow to the genital organs, and tribulus terrestris which improve blood flow and firmness of erections. Many other herbs are also available which can be taken as herbal treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Heart disease is another common cause of erectile dysfunction. High blood pressure can lead to hardening of the arteries, which can eventually lead to erectile dysfunction. Many times the treatment for heart disease involves medications like cholesterol control medications and heart bypass surgery. However, in some cases the treatment for heart disease cannot be addressed through diet and lifestyle changes alone. In these cases, a patient may opt to receive prescription medications like nitroglycerin to treat erectile dysfunction due to increased blood flow to the genital organs. Other prescription treatments for ED include beta-blockers, which reduce high blood pressure; aspirin and other cardiovascular medications; and vasodilators which decrease blood flow to the penis.

If lifestyle changes and prescription treatments do not work to correct ED, then other treatments must be used to combat the underlying medical condition. One such treatment option is hypnosis treatment. Hypnosis can increase the effects of any pharmaceutical, chemical, or physical therapy because it rewires the brain. Additionally, it can bypass the conscious mind, so ED sufferers can enter a subconscious state and work on correcting their issues there. Before considering this treatment option, it is important that you consult with your healthcare provider.

If lifestyle changes and non-pharmaceutical treatments don’t correct the issues causing ED, then other medications must be used. Common male sex dysfunction (ED) medications include the following: sildenafil, Zoloft, citalopram, and alosetron. These medications all belong to the class of antidepressants; however they all differ in the way they work. For example, sildenafil combines serotonergic and noradrenergic properties, while alosetron combines elements from both of the above mentioned classes.

What is ED Treatment for Men? Common causes of erectile dysfunctions in men are high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, heart disease, and diabetes. ED can also occur-in either one partner or both partners, caused by something as easy as poor sex or emotional stress.

In most cases, treatment is necessary in order to lower blood pressure and to stop or prevent heart problems. ED treatments in men sometimes include the use of medication to achieve better blood flow. These treatments may also include surgery, such as a prostatectomy, bladder enlargement, prostratectomy, or hysterectomy. In addition, certain kinds of urinary bladder and prostate surgery may also be recommended.

There are many types of treatment available for sexual dysfunction. In most cases, treatments will be based on the underlying cause of the dysfunction. Treatment may be: erection counseling, which focuses on reorienting the male to more satisfying sex; cognitive behavioral therapy, which teaches the patient to recognize and reduce stress that can cause problems with erection and staying erect; penis enlargement exercises, which may help to strengthen the pelvic muscles and improve sexual function; or surgery. While the underlying cause of a dysfunction may not always be present, certain treatments can help men with erectile dysfunctions overcome the problem by improving their overall health and reducing stress and anxiety. The longer a man delays treating his sexual dysfunction, the more it will be likely to continue.

Some common penile problems that doctors, such as Proactive Men’s Medical Center that provides medical help for PE, Low-T and ED, may recommend ED treatments for include Peyronie’s disease, which results from scar tissue buildup in the penis; and oftentimes just called Peyronie’s syndrome, which is more often caused by other causes, like diabetes or some type of autoimmune disorder. Other common penile disorders include Peyronie’s disease (which can also lead to impotence), benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and sometimes enlarged prostate. Men with Peyronie’s disease experience a condition where the tissue around the penis hardens, causing erectile dysfunction. BPH or enlarged prostate is caused by the increased flow of urine that can result from BPH or other reasons.

Another common reason for ED is high blood pressure. In this case, there are several different medications that can be recommended to treat erectile dysfunction. Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a medical condition where the arteries are swollen and they don’t transport the blood effectively to the areas of the body that they’re supposed to. This can result in the heart not pumping as it should, or the kidneys not getting rid of toxins effectively. ED medications like Zantac, which is known as a vasodilator, can help to bring back the blood flow to the penis and help it stay erect.

Some people don’t respond well to drugs, so other treatments are needed. One such treatment is called topical testosterone gel. This gel is applied directly to the skin, along with a prescription strength anti-androgen like generic Zoloft. This gel has been reported to cause great improvements in erectile ability and libido, however it does have some side effects associated with it like slight swelling and redness at the application site.

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