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Exercises to keep back pain at bay while working from home

In this fast-paced world, one has to face top employee scheduling software problems arising due to stress and tension. Back pain is a medical condition, which is seen in various age groups from teenagers to middle age and senior citizens. With the continued lockdown and working from home becoming the new normal, many factors cause back pain.

But few of the prominent reasons are as follows:

  • Working for long hours by sitting on the chair at the office in wrong postures/ not using proper chair/ table while working from home.
  • Physical activities at home for cleaning purposes have increased in the absence of the house helps.
  • Physical inactivity of the body as regular outdoor activities have stopped.
  • Performing activities such as pushing, pulling, or lifting heavy machines.
  • Boarding running trains or bus which is likely to impart a shock to the spine.
  • Performing exercise in the wrong posture.
  • Problems of Insomnia and unhealthy dietary habits.
  • Osteoporosis or degenerative problems.

Problems of back pain can be overcome effectively by performing lower back pain exercises regularly. Let us look at a few lower back pain relief exercises:

  • Glute Bridge

This back pain exercise is a way of getting rid of crucifying lower back pain. A simple way to do it is as follows:

Lie down on the floor on your back and relax. With your heels on the floor, lift your hip as high as possible. Heals and chest should form the right angle. Remain in this position for 8 to 10 seconds then bring the knees gently back to the ground. Repeat 10 times.

  • Hamstring stretches

This exercise provides relief at the dorsal side as it is connected to the spine.

Lie on your back in a relaxed position. Lift one leg and bend the knee with foot on the ground. Lift the second leg and try to bring foot greater than 90 degrees. Lock your foot with a towel and feel the stretch in the dorsal side. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat the exercise for 5 times.

  • Knee to chest

Another useful exercise is knee to chest exercise. Here lie down on the floor in the straight position. Lift both legs and bring knees at the right angle with head. Now with one hand pull one knee further towards your head. Feel the stretch at the dorsal side of the thigh. This provides relief to your muscles encapsulating your spine.

  • Wall sits

Improves your sitting posture, is simple, and provides relief to lower back.  Stand straight against the wall with your hands dropped down. Drop your lower back down as if you are about to sit on a chair. Maintain the position of legs at a right angle to the wall. Keep your spine as straight as possible and rest it against the wall. This exercise provides big relief to the lower spine.

All the above exercises for lower back pain relief help strengthen your muscles and improve stretch ability which in turn eases body movement. When your lower spine is ruptured, the majority of your body weight is shared by muscles.

You can apply Moov Diclofenac Gel to get immediate relief from pain as it strengthens the nerves and reduces inflammation.

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