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Expert Tips To Help You Extend The Life Of Your C-Arm Machine

A C-Arm machine is a critical piece of equipment for many hospitals. It provides x-ray images that help physicians diagnose and treat patients.

The problem with this type of machinery, however, is that it can be expensive to fix or replace when something goes wrong. Luckily, there are some ways to extend the life of your C-Arm machine so you don’t have to worry about these possible costs. Alternatively, you can opt for Emergency C-Arm Rentals.

Here are some ways to extend the life of your C-Arm machine:

Get An Annual Preventative Maintenance Checkup

One of the best ways to extend the lifespan of your C-Arm machine is by getting an annual preventative maintenance check up. It’s a good idea to inspect for any wear or buildups that may affect performance, alignment and safety during use. This will also give you time to repair or replace anything before it becomes a problem.

Make sure the memory batteries and the clock battery are replaced on a regular basis.

Clean It Regularly

The most obvious way to prolong the life of your C-Arm machine is by regularly cleaning it. The surface must be free from any dust or debris that may clog up the C-Arm components, which can increase wear and tear. When you clean the device, make sure not to use anything abrasive such as a wire brush.

The cart of the device should be thoroughly cleaned daily. This includes the wheels of the monitor cart, as well as all other components. For example, the inside of any drawers or compartments where cords are stored can accumulate dust over time which may lead to a short circuit in these areas.

In addition, check the drivability of the C-Arm by performing basic maintenance and repairs. Some of these tasks include:

– Changing out worn parts like cables, pulleys, bushings and bearings as needed using a qualified technician.

– Using proper lubricants to prevent friction on moving mechanical components that may cause them to wear or break down more quickly than they should.

Make Sure You Adjust The Sleep Mode Setting

C-Arms have a sleep mode setting which can help save on the lifespan of your machine. The sleep mode setting will put the C-Arm in a reduced energy state when it is not being actively used and doesn’t need to be monitored for safety purposes, saving power which can translate into additional years of usage before needing replacement or servicing.

The reason this isn’t turned on regularly is because it can cause a delay of up to two minutes when you need the C-Arm. However, for most healthcare facilities this is worth it as they are using them all day and night anyway, so there should be no issue with waiting a few extra seconds if needed.

If you are using your C-Arm all day and night, then try setting it at a medium level of 130 which will still save on energy, but not put people waiting for the equipment for too long.

The more care and maintenance your C-Arm receives, the longer it will last!

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