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Eye specialist Singapore: Who is the Best Eye Specialist in Singapore?

An eye specialist is a medical practitioner who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the eye. See the services you can expect from an eye specialist in Singapore over here:

The eye specialist in Singapore has to be much more than just an expert on eyes. The full range of duties requires them to be experts in physiology, anatomy, psychosocial aspects, and general medicine even when it concerns an eye specialty like eye surgery, cataract, and retina, among other things. They also cannot ignore emergency medicine and traumatology training, which comes in handy when emergencies arise during surgeries or clinic hours or if they need to make decisions about patient management under difficult conditions.

Which Treatment do Eye Specialists Provide?

A rather common question among patients who are referred to eye specialists is; what can an eye specialist treat? The answer is; eye specialists Singapore performs various kinds of surgery. You may be referred to an eye specialist if you need:

  • Cataracts Surgery to remove a clouded lens and replace it with an artificial one, thus restoring sight. Cataract surgery is one of the most common and successful operations performed by eye specialists in Singapore.
  • Eye Laser surgery for Diseases like Glaucoma, Diabetes Mellitus, which is also known as Diabetes, or Detached retina to make blood vessels or tissues solid again. The specialist will use a laser beam to do this work.
  • Cornea Transplantation if your cornea (the clear covering at the front of the eye) becomes cloudy due to infection, injury or inflammation. A new clear transplanted cornea can be done to restore vision during this process and will help you see clearly once more.
  • Pterygium Surgery: This outer part of your eyeball can become swollen with fluid because of sun exposure which will need to be removed by your eye specialist in Singapore.
  • Eye Plastic surgery: Genetic defects, developmental abnormalities, and other problems may cause the eyelid to droop or close improperly; this condition that needs cosmetic correction is what your eye specialist in Singapore can help you with. You may also see an eye specialist for Cosmetic Enhancement Laser Surgery to improve your appearance, especially if they are prominent due to aging, injury, or over-application of make-up like excessively done mascara.

So whether it’s cataracts or Pterygium treatment; Cornea transplant, eye laser treatments, or glaucoma surgery; Enhancing your looks with plastic surgery through eye lasers; Eye specialist Singapore has something for you.

Who is the Best Eye Specialist in Singapore?

Dr. Chelvin Sng is one of the best eye specialists in Singapore. Apart from having an impressive academic record being that she graduated from Cambridge University with triple first class honors and distinctions, Dr. Chelvin is passionate about giving patients the highest level of medical care.

She uses state of the art technologies and sticks to a patient-centered approach to ensure that all her patients receive not just individualized but also customized eye treatments for the best results. It should be noted that not every eye specialist in Singapore is like Dr. Chelvin.

With that being said, choosing the right eye specialist in Singapore to attend to you is important as this decision will directly affect your health and well-being as a patient. The first step, of course, is a referral from a doctor who thinks the need for an eye specialist for you is very crucial. You cannot just walk into any clinics or hospitals that offer these services without a valid referral from the one you may not have if it’s your first time requiring such help.

So, where do you begin? Now, to ease the work of the ophthalmologist, you have some things to do at home first before going on consultation with them:

  • Visit an Optometrist first so they can check whether there is any change to your vision or have you been experiencing eye strain recently.
  • Make sure the eyes are healthy and well looked after by removing foreign objects if they enter, getting rid of infectious agents with proper use of antibiotics for infections, and consulting an eye specialist immediately if there is a sudden decrease in vision, or a black spot begins to appear before the eyes.
  • Inform your doctor about all drugs that you may be taking, including prescription and non-prescription medications and supplements, because some pose interactions with eye specialist treatments.
  • Ensure you have a good sleep every day and maintain a good diet as this is very important for perfect health, which will aid recovery from problems concerning your eyesight. You cannot afford to neglect it when you are already under the care of an eye specialist for any condition.
  • Keep your doctor informed if you have undergone any surgery in the past, even if it did not relate to anything related to eyes, so they can help you better with proper drug prescriptions and timely referrals when necessary. The doctor will choose what treatment or surgery is best for you according to your health status.

When to see an Eye Specialist in Singapore?

There are several reasons why your primary doctor may want you to see an eye specialist. Your doctor may advise you to see an eye specialist in Singapore if you are experiencing any of these symptoms:

  • Unevenness in the eyes or eyelids one droops more than the other
  • Sudden change of vision like blurry sight even though you had 20/20 vision before this point, new spots appearing out of nowhere, the appearance of floaters or flashes that can impair vision even temporarily, and very strong lights bother your eyes without pain.
  • Increase in tearing up with watery eyes all day long, which worsens at night after sleeping even when nothing is stuck inside the eyes. This is known as Epiphora and usually occurs on both sides but not necessarily.
  • A change in the eyeball shape like swelling or bulging eyes that can be caused by different factors.
  • The presence of bloodshot patches on your retina, a hazy vision that does not improve even after taking prescribed drugs and applying prescribed eye drops for at least one week, pain when you open your eyes, sensitivity to light, and pain when you look at a particular object.
  • There is also a need to seek immediate help from an eye specialist in Singapore if there is a sudden decrease in vision as well as the appearance of black spots before the eyes even though they fade quickly.

The Bottom Line

You may not necessarily experience any of these problems, but it is important to consult an eye specialist in Singapore as soon as you experience even slight changes in vision, especially if the problem persists and starts affecting your day-to-day activities. This way, the ophthalmologist will be able to monitor and test slowly and accordingly and provide appropriate treatment at an early stage before it gets worse.

To schedule or book an appointment with Dr. Chelvin, email or call:
[email protected]/+65 6334 2282. You may also chat on WhatsApp via: +65 8129 6328.

Chelvin Sng Eye Centre – Glaucoma | Cataract Surgery | Eye Specialist
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