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Five Ways to Maintain Good Feet Health

Damages in the feet can cause serious harm to your body and the way you complete your daily tasks. This is because your feet make up for 25 percent of the bones in your body. To stay healthy, you need to move through various activities. But, this causes your feet to get the most wear and tear.  Aside from affecting your feet, the movement and pressure can impact your hips, knees, and entire spine.

Fortunately, there are ways to keep your feet healthy. They include the following:

Keep them Clean and Dry

Just like other parts of your body, your feet require good hygiene. Ensure you clean them thoroughly with soap and water when bathing and keeping them dry after the bath. This is to prevent fungus from surviving on your feet. Continue this routine by wearing clean and dry socks. Moreover, check for any toenail discoloration since this can indicate nail fungus. Do not put any nail polish on the infected nail to avoid making the problem worse. Consider ccs foot care to deal with this problem.

Check your Feet on a Regular Basis

After drying your feet, spend time checking them at least once every week. Examine between your toes and around the soles for peeling or scaling as this indicates athlete’s foot.  Look for blisters, cuts, redness, scratches, and swelling. Catching the problem early can prevent complications.

Wear Proper Footwear

If you are engaging in a sport, make sure you wear shoes specific for that activity. Wearing improper shoes can result in possible foot issues like arch spasms, planar fasciitis, tendinitis, and others. Keep in mind that wearing ill-fitting shoes can lead to long-term issues. Do not walk barefoot because slippers and shoes will protect your foot from bruises and bumps.

Get your Feet Checked if you Have Diabetes

 Diabetes can result in circulatory issues as it can clog up the feet’s small blood vessels. Because of the lack of proper blood supply, any wounds on the feet do not heal fast. Diabetic wounds require more aggressive treatment than wounds sustained by people without diabetes.

Get your Feet Tested Periodically

In case you are experiencing feet conditions that are beyond normal such as aches, symptoms, and pains, schedule an appointment with a podiatrist. You can ask questions about your feet’s health. The podiatrist will determine and diagnose any issue and suggest how often you should visit their clinic.

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