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Flowering in cannabis plants

Flowering in cannabis plants mostly takes place after a month. This stage occurs once the germination and nutrition stage is complete. Flowering will only take place when the plant is fully exposed to enough light. After that, the plant will stop growing and start producing buds (flowers). For most cannabis plants flowering period will last between weeks 5 and 6. The cannabis flowering stage is crucial to the life cycle of the plant. This is the last stage of the life cycle of cannabis plants. The flowering stage begins when the first pistil pops out from the female pre-flowers. The plant requires high levels of potassium than nitrogen at this stage.

Here is an overview of flowering stages in cannabis plants

Week 1-3

During the first weeks, there is the transition to flowering. In this flowering stage, the cannabis plant experiences rapid growth in size and even height. This stage also involves a lot of vegetative growth. The growth helps give the plant the strength to support bud development. The female cannabis plants start blooming up by growing pre-flowers, commonly known as pistils. The plant will donate energy from the vegetative growth to the bud production, thus forming bud sites in the plant’s nodes.

Week 3-4

At this period, bud formation takes place. The pistil becomes whites and starts to protrude from the bud. The cannabis plant starts to become more sensitive to both the environment and nutrients than before.  The plant at this stage will transfer energy to the buds. The leaves may start to turn yellow at this stage. This should not bother you since it is a normal process at this period. It would be best if you had much attention to the leaves at this period to ensure they do not get burnt by excess nutrients.

Week 5-6

During weeks 5 and 6, the bud starts to fatten. The stretching period ends. The plant stops adding more leaves at this stage. You need to take good care of the remaining leaves. Ensure the plant maintains adequate foliage to absorb enough light to maximize yields. The cannabis plant will concentrate all the energy on the growing buds. The plant becomes greener and healthier at this stage. This will only occur if you take good care of the plant.

Eventually, both the pistil and the trichome will ripen. The trichome becomes milky as it increases the amount of THC then turns yellow. Make sure the buds still look healthy even if the leaves start turning yellow. This is because the plant is transferring all its energy to support bud growth. It is always advisable to stop the addition of calcium or magnesium a few weeks before harvesting to improve the quality of flower buds. The ideal time to harvest is when both the trichome and pistil turn color.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, flowering is an essential stage in cannabis plants. The above article clearly illustrates some of the changes which take place every week of flowering. If you find it challenging to manage the plant during flowering, you can always consult an expert for guidelines. Get the necessary tips to ensure that you get high yields.

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