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Flu shot you should do it every year when you study in U.S.

Many schools require international students to get their vaccines (留学生疫苗) done when they study in U.S.. In this article, we will introduce one vaccine: flu shot. You can do this after you purchase American health insurance (also known as 美国医疗保险). This is because the insurance company will pay for all your vaccine and you will spend 0 or very little money on vaccine. Here we highly recommend Huhu insurance (also known as虎虎保险 ) (one of the best international student insurance 留学生 保险), you can also use it during your opt period (also known as opt 保险 )after graduation.

 Flu Shot  In recent years, the US flu has become more and more rampant, with hundreds of thousands of people dying every year because of flu-induced illness. Therefore, most people regularly get a flu shot every year to reduce their chances of getting the flu. The flu vaccine has no age limit and can be fired after more than six months of birth. Generally divided into trivalent and tetravalent, trivalent is to prevent two influenza A (H1N1, H3N2), and one type B flu, and some tetravalent vaccines can prevent one type B flu.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that the best time to get a flu shot is at the end of October each year, because the flu vaccine takes two weeks to take effect, preferably before the flu high-incidence period. So every fall, the school’s health center will start offering the latest flu shots, all for free. In order to prevent illness, students still have to fight for a year.

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