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Getting ahead: 4 potential benefits of male breast reduction surgery

Gynaecomastia, also known as “male breasts”, is a condition that affects many adult men, and not just on an aesthetic level. There is a serious social stigma attached to men who have enlarged breast tissue or excess breast skin, and this stigma can be mentally damaging. What’s more, gynaecomastia can be physically uncomfortable, with the enlarged tissue causing some discomfort for the individual.

Gynaecomastia is largely attributed to genetics as opposed to lifestyle, so even changing your diet and undergoing serious exercise may not have any effect on the problem.

Male breast reduction surgery is the most popular option for treating gynaecomastia. What’s more, it has an exceptional success rate, with individuals often experiencing the positive outcomes of a successful reduction procedure.

The procedure often involves liposuction, excision, or a combination of both. They are implemented to address excess fat and skin laxity to achieve the desired outcome. Some men may undergo breast reduction treatment in conjunction with abdominoplasty to compliment their new chest.

Gynaecomastia surgery is great for many men who want to alleviate the embarrassment of this condition and feel more comfortable in their bodies. If you have been considering enlisting the services of a qualified plastic surgeon in Sydney, Melbourne or beyond, here are four benefits of male breast reduction surgery…

  1. It can boost confidence & self-esteem

Due to social stigmas surrounding gynaecomastia many men feel uncomfortable in their bodies. Unfortunately, this often leads to insecurities and low self-esteem. Whilst it would be great for lifestyle changes to alleviate the problem, it typically is not the case, and male breast reduction surgery is the most plausible option for removing excess breast skin and enlarge tissue.

Male breast reduction surgery can provide you with the confidence boost that is one of the desired outcomes of such surgery.

  1. It can improve your posture

Having a more sculpted chest can have a positive effect on your posture, and potentially help straighten the spine. Having enlarged breast tissue can unfortunately lead to ongoing spinal problems or even a permanent hump. Your core strength may even become compromised, thus weakening your posture further over time.

Often, with men, it’s not the actual excess chest weight that causes the man to hunch – it’s the fear of people seeing their chest. Breast reduction surgery can potentially give you the confidence you need to push out your chest, excluding confidence and potentially improving your posture in the process!

  1. It can make your figure more masculine

Many men with gynaecomastia are made to feel that their chest is not in line with their gender, and this can also be harmful to their self-esteem. Male breast reduction surgery removes the enlarged breast tissue, thus leading to a more sculpted chest and masculine physique. Men who receive breast reduction surgery often feel more masculine in their skin and more confident.

  1. Physical activity can be easier

Having an enlarged chest with excess tissue can make exercise unpleasant or downright uncomfortable. Exercises like running, jogging and jumping can be uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing if you are self-conscious about your chest.

Reducing the excess fatty tissue in the chest can make men feel more comfortable with going to the gym on both a physical and aesthetic level. This new level of comfort can motivate you to regularly exercise and potentially lead to enhanced overall fitness.

It could be what you’ve been looking for

Male breast reduction surgery isn’t for everyone, but if gynaecomastia has been hindering your life for some time, it may be the right thing for you. Just be sure to consult properly with your prospective surgeon before receiving the treatment as they will help you decide whether or not it is right for you.

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