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Gum Recession Treatment Options You Can Choose From

Receding gums which are medically referred to as gingival recession is a complaint which is common in the dental offices, especially with adults who are over 65 years. If you consider the 88% of people who are over 65 years normally experience the gingival recession in a minimum of a single tooth, and that is why, it is not surprise that you will find it coming up in talks.

At the moment the common way in which a gingival recession gets taken care of via grafting of soft tissue. While it is a traditional method, most patients try staying clear of the treatment as the soft tissue grafting might be painful and could be a process that is relatively lengthy if several teeth that get affected from the recession process.

The technique for pinhole surgical like the one offered by the Chao pinhole technique,  is another alternative treatment that you can embrace for receding gums which is faster, not as painful, and normally show a great promise for a solution of long term when it comes to receding gums.

What is pinhole surgical technique?

When it comes to the technique for pinhole surgical, it is one which has minimal invasion and an alternative to treating gingival recession. Unlike with the grafting for soft tissue, it is a technique which begins by having to create a pinhole in the tissue of the gum which is receding.

One the pinhole has been created, a device gets placed in a hole. The device stretches and peels the gum in a more healthy and suitable position on the tooth – a language that is easily understood, the gums gets brought downward.

Once the tissue of the gums is placed in the position which is desired, collagen strips are inserted by the dentist into the pinholes which are in the gums. While the grafting of soft tissues uses the stitches to keep the gums in the right place, the strips keep the gums in place in an invasive much more minimally way and helping to create new tissues that will secure ultimately the gums in their new location.

Advantages to pinhole surgical technique

One of the main reasons that majority of people start to opt for the technique for pinhole surgical as compared to more traditional treatment methods is due to the technique can address various location in a single sitting. But for grafting, it requires that you have several sessions if several teeth get affected from the recession gingival.

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