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Here are Some of the Top DNA Paternity Test Myths

Gone are the days when DNA paternity testing used to be an expensive and slow process. There were days when people used to refrain from getting the paternity tests because they would have cost them a fortune. Now everyone is aware of it and people are encouraged freely to undergo a test. As DNA paternity test is becoming more famous these days, the naysayers try their level best to bring up all kinds of myths surrounding the process itself. I-DNA has tried its best to debunk these myths with some truths. Read on.

  1. The only method to get a DNA paternity test report is by taking a blood sample

All the cells in your body, except the red blood cells are loaded with DNA. The ideal way to gather DNA now is with the help of a mouth swab. Many still think that saliva is being collected, however, the lab needs loose cells on the inside of the cheek. Just a simple rub on the cheek swab can collect sufficient DNA for multiple tests and it is fast as well as completely painless. The only time blood samples are required if you need a prenatal paternity test conducted.

  1. DNA Paternity test can only be conducted when the baby is born

DNA paternity testing can be conducted while in pregnancy with the help of a safe and non-invasive prenatal paternity test. All you need is a blood sample from the mother and the alleged father. The testing must be conducted at least 8 weeks into the pregnancy and is totally safe for the mother and the fetus. This is a precious test that gives the mother her peace of mind in her remaining pregnancy.

  1. My ex-spouse doesn’t agree to go to the test, so I cannot test the paternity

There are still many ways to prove a biologically relationship with a person who is unwilling or unavailable to do a pregnancy test. If the parents of the alleged father are agreeing to give a sample, then a grandparent test is valid. Other tests are also available, so consult an accredited lab for more details.

  1. Paternity tests cost a fortune

There are many great labs that conduct high quality DNA paternity test at very affordable prices. If you are interested, visit now!

  1. I can’t do paternity testing because one of the parties is overseas.

Many labs are now associated with a widespread networks of global doctors and nurses who can help you in gathering the concerned DNA samples for you, so if one partner is overseas, they will still be capable of arranging a DNA paternity test for you with zero hassles. As the cotton swabs used these days are the most reliable means, the samples will nonetheless be good after a huge transit time. Until and unless all the participants are agreeing and willing, it should be quite possible for conducting the DNA test at any corner of the world. When it comes to a life altering step like DNA test, never trust the myths blindly. Rather than believing the myths collect the facts by doing all the due diligence.

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