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How Can Injectable Fillers Enhance My Appearance?

Dermal fillers are gel-like substances injected beneath the skin to replace lost volume, smooth wrinkles and creases, and improve facial features. This popular Facelift Toronto is a cost-effective solution to look younger without surgery or downtime, is chosen by over a million men and women each year.

While dermal fillers are commonly referred to as wrinkle fillers, they are capable of much more than simply smoothing out wrinkles, though they are quite good at it! Here are some of the main problems that dermal fillers can assist with:

  • Lines around the nose and lips should be smoothed out (a.k.a. marionette lines, smile lines, and parentheses)
  • Improve the appearance of sagging cheeks or temples by adding volume.
  • Vertical lip lines should be reduced.
  • Lips will be plumped and enhanced.
  • A chin wrinkle should be smoothed out.
  • Enhance the symmetry of facial characteristics.

With so many dermal filler options available, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you without the help of a skilled cosmetic surgeon. Because each product is made to have a certain texture, density, and injection depth, some fillers are superior for specific areas of concern. Dermal filler injections are non-surgical and usually done during a visit to the doctor’s office. Your initial treatment will begin with a consultation with your cosmetic surgeon, during which you will discuss your concerns and aspirations.

Your cosmetic surgeon will assess your area of concern and analyze your medical history during your appointment. While there are few hazards connected with dermal fillers, you should reveal all of your medical histories prior to treatment, as some allergies, skin and neurological diseases, or drugs might compromise your safety or outcomes. For example, NSAIDs (e.g., aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen) and blood thinners should be disclosed to your cosmetic surgeon since they increase the risk of bruising.

The region will be cleansed just before the treatment, and you may be given a topical anesthetic to numb the area before the injection. Many filler solutions also include lidocaine, a mild anesthetic that is meant to help you feel better during and after your procedure. The filler will next be strategically injected beneath the skin by your provider.

You should be able to see effects right away following filler injections, depending on the product and the locations treated. Thus, this was all about enhancing your appearance with injectable fillers.

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