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How Much Hair Density A Hair Transplant Surgery Can Provide?

Hair transplant is a magnificent procedure which has turned the appearances of many into an attractive one with boosted confidence. Time has passed when the hair transplant procedure was struggling to provide an acceptable outcomes as now the advancements have added worth to the procedure and made it a huge success.

The hair transplant procedure is performed by extracting the tiny hair follicles from the specific areas of your body which are termed as donor areas and are then transplanted at the desired bald areas which are termed as recipient sites. The donor area should have permanent hair roots for transplantation as the procedure is competent in providing the permanent outcomes because of the transfer of these permanent hair roots to the bald area which do not undergo hair loss and stay intact for life time.

What is a successful hair transplant look like?

A successful hair transplant should be fulfilling the two major aspects of the procedure which are as follows:

  1. The procedure should provide maximum possible hair density by providing adequate coverage to the bald area.
  2. The procedure should provide extremely natural looking results with highly aesthetic hairline.

These two important aspects define the success of the hair transplant and is a possibility only when you have opted for a competent hair transplant surgeon.

Hair transplant in Jaipur has come a long way in advanced hair transplant and providing the excellent outcomes since a decade. The credit goes to the world class surgeons dedicating their careers in order to adding perfection to the procedure. One such worldwide recognized hair transplant surgeon is Dr Suneet Soni who has a huge experience of more than 15 years in hair transplant industry and since then contributed a breakthrough in this field. He has been hugely appreciated for his exemplary surgical skills and artistic sensibility.

Hair transplant cost in Jaipur varies as per the services available at the clinics but the costs are almost comparable. Medispa hair transplant clinic is well known for their international levels of services and world class facilities which will definitely add to achieve a perfect hair transplant with a comfortable experience of hair transplant.

Are high density hair transplants a possibility?

With the prevailing advancements in the field of hair transplant in the present times it is definitely possible to have a high density hair transplant if the circumstances of the patient allows. The hair transplant procedure needs to harvest your own hair follicles to be transplanted at the bald area and there is no alternative to it. Thus, it is mandatory for the donor areas of your body to have adequate number of hair grafts to provide a high density hair transplant. So it is definitely possible to have high density hair transplant in certain suitable cases but probably not in every case.

How much hair density you can except from hair transplant?

You can expect a higher hair density at the recipient area if the circumstances allows. The achievement of hair density depends on certain associated factors which are explained as follows:

  1. Hair density at the donor area: The donor area decides that how much hair density you are going to achieve after the procedure and definitely can be predicted during the primary consult before the procedure. Thus, the donor area should be scrutinized judiciously by the hair transplant surgeon in order to deliver the correct information regarding the possible hair density achieved after the procedure.
  2. Quality of the hair follicular grafts: The texture and quality of hair grafts is essential for ruling out the hair density achieved after the procedure. Straight hair might need higher number of hair follicles in order to achieve the similar results as compared to wavy or curly texture haired person.
  3. Damage rate of the hair grafts: The expertise of the surgeon is definitely crucial while performing hair transplant as novice hands would damage more hair grafts as compared to the experienced hands which could provide you a better hair density with least damage rate to the hair grafts.
  4. Technique chosen to perform hair transplant: The techniques chosen to perform the hair transplant also contribute to the decision on how much you are going to expect from the hair transplant procedure. The right choice of technique would surely avoid the over harvesting and provide higher survival rate of the hair grafts. The higher survival rate would in turn increase the chances to achieve a high density hair transplant.

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