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How to Avoid Selling Ineffective and Dangerous Hand Sanitizers

When the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the institution responsible for regulating the manufacture of hand sanitizers, released a waiver program for their production, everyone, including the unscrupulous ones, jumped into the niche. Although this opening helped to ensure that more hand sanitizers were available in the market for people to counter COVID-19 pandemic, it has now emerged that many of them are ineffective and others dangerous to users.

So, if you are a seller, the chances are that some of the hand sanitizers you stock might end up causing greater harm than good. However, you have the opportunity to change the situation by testing the hand sanitizers in an accredited lab to establish their content.

The Danger in Most Hand Sanitizers on the Market 

On realizing the looming dangers, Sante Laboratories came to help protect consumers by testing the hand sanitizers. When Sante’s Chief Operations Officer (COO) talked to Forbes’s Eric Mack, the revelation of the harmful content in hand sanitizers was shocking. Here are some of them:

  • Tert-butyl impurities.
  • Methanol.
  • Benzene.
  • Tequila-grade ethanol.
  • Carcinogenic impurities.

Although FDA relaxed the rules for hand sanitizer production, the expectation was that those who would jump into the niche would follow the best practices to make high-quality products. However, this trust is not yielding the expected results as more manufacturers are using poor quality ingredients, which ultimately gives ineffective hand sanitizers.

According to FDA, manufacturers are supposed to test their raw materials and only use them if they are pure. However, most of them are not doing that, and the effect is that some hand sanitizers have harmful components, such as tert-butyl impurities and benzene.

Testing Your Hand Sanitizers for Quality

The danger of stocking infective hand sanitizers is unimaginable. Think of a client who purchases a package of infective hand sanitizer and uses it well, but ends up getting infected. This is the scenario that we must prevent, and you have a role to play by ensuring that only the BEST hand sanitizers are stocked on your shelves. Here is how to achieve that:

  • Identify a Good Laboratory to Help You Test the Quality of Raw Materials

Before the process of manufacturing a hand sanitizer, it is important to confirm that only high-quality materials are used. By working with an accredited third-party laboratory, you can confirm whether the materials supplied to you are pure. If there are impurities, the lab report will show, meaning that you can avoid using them and look for high-quality alternatives.

  • Test the Hand Sanitizers before Releasing them Into the Market

Even when the raw materials for making hand sanitizers are pure, impurities can still get into the final product during manufacturing. Therefore, you should also test the final hand sanitizer to reconfirm that it is high-quality and meets the expected standards.

  • Traders should Work with Accredited Labs to Test Samples from Suppliers

If you are a trader or supplier, it is also important to test hand sanitizers before stocking them. So, order some samples from your supplier and have them tested in a laboratory to confirm they are okay. If the samples show that the hand sanitizers are high-quality and have no harmful content, go ahead and order a larger batch to sell to clients.

Sante Laboratories is equipped with advanced analytical instrumentation and subject matter capacity and can analyze your samples fast. They have stood out from the pack because of their commitment to providing continuity and transparency in the lab service industry. So, if you are concerned about your hand sanitizer ingredients’ quality and efficacy, you can count on Sante Laboratories for testing that surpasses FDA standards.

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