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How To Determine If You Have Whiplash Injury

Whiplash injury is a very common problem. In fact, one out of every three car accidents involves some form of whiplash injury. Whiplash refers to the sudden and violent effect that the head and neck get subjecting to as the car is hurled forward and then backwards.

This results in a sudden and violent acceleration, deceleration, or even rotation within the vehicle itself. The slightest movement can have a large and noticeable impact on how the brain and the spinal cord are supposed to function. In short, the outcome of a car accident that involves a whiplash injury can be quite dangerous, especially when one is not properly compensated for the damages. This is where car accident lawyer in Orlando comes in the picture.

What to do after you suffered from whiplash injury

If one has suffered from whiplash injury, the first thing he or she should do is get himself or herself checked by a doctor. The doctor will be able to determine whether or not one has actually suffered whiplash injury based on how his or her injury is situated. For instance, if one’s injury is situated in front of the driver’s seat, the severity of the injury would be lessened compared to one that is located behind the driver’s seat.

Furthermore, the chiropractor will be able to determine if one has really been affected by whiplash through an examination of the patient’s medical history. It is common for chiropractors to perform some form of physical examination in a car accident injury clinic just to make sure that there are no further injuries that may have gone unnoticed.

The chiropractor will also be able to tell whether or not one is in good enough physical condition to sue the other party involved in the car accident. How can you know if you have a whiplash injury? One easy way is through an x-ray of the back. This will be used to see just how much damage has actually occurred. Furthermore, it will be easier to find out whether or not one’s injuries warrant the need for a lawsuit. If the x-ray shows signs of any discs or bone fractures, this should be given extra importance.

How to determine if you have a whiplash injury is also possible through laboratory tests. This test will help the chiropractor to determine how one’s spine is working. In order for a chiropractor to know how severe the whiplash injury is, it is important to have as many tests as possible. This way, the chiropractor will know if more conservative treatment will do better for the patient. In most cases, conservative treatments such as heat and ice are given first before going with aggressive treatments.

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