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How To Get Stronger Without Visiting The Gym

At the time of writing, many gyms around the country and the world as a whole are closed. The pandemic has resulted in many people having to look for alternate types of exercise. If you’re looking to build bigger muscles, lifting weights can help you. However, if your local gym is closed there are limitations as to what you can do.

But did you know that you do not have to lift weights in order to get stronger? This article will shed some light on the tips and tricks you can use so you can channel your inner strongman or woman.

Use Your Body’s Weight Against itself

Did you know that chin-ups and pull-ups use your body’s weight against itself? This type of exercise is known as a bodyweight or functional exercise. You’re not relying on weights to help you get stronger. Rather, you’ll be moving your body in order to build strength. In addition to this, it’s unlikely that you will perform any unnatural movements (Such as lifting weights) this can cause you to get stronger quicker.

Other bodyweight exercises such as handstands, squats, and press-ups can help to increase your strength. You do not need any weights or equipment to undertake the exercises. This means you can do them just about anywhere.

While bodyweight exercises won’t give you big bulging muscles, they will give you functional strength. This is the kind of strength that gymnasts have and as we know, they are very strong.

Hire A Personal Trainer

While many gyms might be closed or you may simply feel unsafe going to your gym, there are other solutions. Hiring an online personal trainer is a great way to work around this. A personal trainer can work with your current level of fitness and give you a tailored exercise plan. Using a personal trainer in this way means you can exercise in the comfort of your own home. This means you won’t have to worry about spending time around others and you can still exercise as and when you need to.

Indulge In Some Planking

You’ve no doubt seen a lot of people planking. It seems to be a relatively new fitness craze, but one that can have some great results. When you hold the correct position you will build your whole core. This includes your lower back and your obliques (Muscles located on the side of your abdomen).

Begin by putting yourself in the push-up position. Bend your elbows and rest all of your weight on your forearms. Keep your body straight and hold your abdomen in. Try to hold this position for 30 to 60 seconds. This might seem quite impossible at first, but it will get easier over time.

As you can see, you can get stronger without spending time in the gym. You don’t even have to lift weights unless you really want to. Using the above exercises, you too can increase your strength helping you to look and feel good.

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