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How to Make the Most of Supplements

It is surprising that how many nutrients are not accessible in supplement form. So getting a wide range of nutritious foods into your diet is the most effective approach to satisfy your health requirements. Supplementation is good insurance, though, whether you are short on a particular vitamin or mineral or you want to sum it all up with regular pills. Many people in the world balance their diets and benefit their health with the consumption of vitamins and supplements. Furthermore, vitamins (especially vitamin C) and calcium are the most widely consumed supplements globally. Liposomal Vitamin C supplement is very beneficial for your health because it helps absorb almost six times more vitamin C in your body than any other regular vitamin C supplement.

Which supplement to choose?

It is essential to know the kind of vitamins and supplements you use. You could have a cabinet full of supplements to enhance energy, or you could have bought a daily vitamin to ensure you get all the nutrients you need for maximum health. There are no guarantees with supplements, so how can you know whether you’re getting the correct one for your health. Few things you need to know before getting your supplement:

  • Know your recommended daily allowance RDA according to your age and gender
  • Check the nutrition value
  • Check the complete ingredients of the supplement if you have any allergies

Why should you take vitamin C supplements?

Vitamin C is vital for our body to function correctly. It helps our immune system, reduces the stress and tiredness in the body, helps our nervous system to work effectively, lowers blood cholesterol, Adds to proper collagen synthesis for the appropriate function of bones, cartilage, blood vessels, skin, gums & teeth, and also increases the calcium and iron absorption in the body. Besides, our body cells are mainly dependent on vitamin C.

Why choose Liposomal Vitamin C?

It is scientifically proven that liposomal vitamin C is more beneficial for your body than any other regular vitamin C supplement. Vitamins C is carried through the body via liposomes, tiny, Nano-sized bubbles that resemble the body’s cell membranes. Additionally, liposomes can pass across cells inside the body, thereby increasing and expediting absorption. Therefore liposomal vitamin C supplements can reach directly to the cell of your body, making them more beneficial for health.

Best Way to Absorb Vitamins

When we take any vitamin supplement, it is essential to know the best way to have it because the vitamins’ absorption is necessary. When you don’t consume vitamins properly and make sure it is absorbing in your body, there is no use of having vitamins. Mostly water-soluble vitamins and liposomal vitamin Cabsorbs best in the body.

Best time to take vitamin supplements

To help supplements benefit your health, it is essential to take your supplements at the suggested timings. Different supplements work if taken at the correct timings; for example, if you are taking water-soluble vitamins like vitamin C, it works best when you are empty stomach. Furthermore, if you are taking fat-soluble vitamin such as vitamin A, D, E benefits your body after you’ve taken your meal.

Know the side effects with other Medicines

Even a healthy supplement can create side effects in your body if you take it with other medication. Therefore, before consuming any supplement, it is imperative to consult your doctor for a better prescription with your daily dosage of drugs. Also, to prevent further reactions, keep the following precautions in your mind:

  • Monitor your supplement intake for few days before including it in your regular diet to avoid any reactions.
  • Ask your doctor about how you time your supplements
  • Know which product suits you the best; do not go with any regular supplement companies that mix it with many other chemicals.
  • Consider choosing the supplement which pharmaceutical companies verify instead of different brands with high prices.
  • Keep a record of your daily supplement intake.

Consumption of supplements with food and juices         

It is essential to know the type of food and juices to consume with your supplements. You must take most of your vitamins with food. Several supplements are easy to drink with liquids as they will help mask the bitter flavor. However, when you are having any reactions with any food or fluids, avoid taking it with them; for example, grapefruit juice is not suggested in some supplements because it interferes with the absorption of supplements and can bring in harmful reactions body.

Where to keep your supplements?

The storage of the supplements affects their nutritious values. Therefore, where you keep your supplement is essential. Most of the supplements are held in a dry and cool place because it’s sensitive to heat and moisture. Few things to keep in mind for storing your supplements:

  • Please do not keep it in your kitchen cabinets or near the stove.
  • Kindly do not keep it in the refrigerator unless you see the instruction on the bottle.
  • Keep the supplement in their original jars.
  • Close the lid tight after using to avoid any air or moisture to enter
  • Consider keeping it in your bedroom
  • Organize your supplements properly


While many people feel that getting an entire set of essential micronutrients every day through dietary supplements is the best method to make sure they’re getting all the micronutrients they need. Others argue that getting the same nutrients through food alone is perfectly sufficient. However, foods these days are not enough to provide a proper amount of nutrition; therefore, we choose to have supplements. Whatever supplement you choose for yourself, it is necessary to know the accurate ways to use it and make the most of it by having it at the best time, with the correct type of food.To gain the maximum benefit, you must comprehend what they are capable of and how to implement them into your daily routine. As is the case with each supplement, the ideal way to take it is with the advice of a medical practitioner.

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