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How to Stay Healthy During a Pandemic

Being trapped in a pandemic can take a toll on your physical, mental, and financial health. Staying healthy during these times should be your priority so that you can achieve wellness, even in a world of chaos.

Maintaining Your Physical Health during a Pandemic

A healthy body goes hand-in-hand with mental and emotional wellness, especially during times of uncertainty.

Pandemics usually target individuals with compromised immune systems, so it’s even more important to fortify your body by observing healthy practices.

Here are a few ways to maintain your physical health:

1.     Exercise.

Being stuck at home encourages you to procrastinate and sleep all day. No matter how tempting it is, make sure that you engage in light exercise for at least 30 minutes each day.

While hitting the gym can be impossible, especially during home quarantine, you can improvise many workouts to get the same (or better) results. For example, try some of many Zumba or HIIT 30-minute workout tutorials online.

2.     Get enough sleep.

Ensuring that you have six to eight hours of sleep per night can make you feel refreshed and energized to tackle your day. Ensure that you also maintain the same sleeping pattern to maintain your circadian rhythms.

3.     Eat a balanced diet.

Being on home quarantine is an excellent opportunity to prepare well-rounded meals, too. Stock up on fruits, vegetables, and proteins, and reduce starch or carbohydrate-loaded food to avoid feeling lethargic.

While it can be tempting to indulge in excessive snacking, it’s ideal to consume food in moderation.

4.     Hydrate—a lot.

An excellent way to wean off binge-eating habits is to stay hydrated. The recommended water intake is six to eight glasses a day for adults.

Maintaining Your Mental Health during a Pandemic

Preserving your sanity is as important as maintaining your physique. The mind can wander to dark places, and there is no room to dwell on the negatives during unsettling pandemics.

Here are some ways to keep your brain sharp and occupied with healthy thoughts:

1.     Keep a routine.

When everything is in chaos, it helps to hold onto something familiar and comfortable, such as a daily routine. It may mean waking up at roughly the same time as usual. Work, study, and be productive during the day, but have adequate rest to prevent a mental crisis.

2.     Don’t shut yourself off.

In a period of isolation, it is beneficial to have social connections, even in virtual settings. Connecting with family and friends will help ease feelings of loneliness.

3.     Set realistic goals.

Quarantine means having more time to accomplish things, but show yourself some compassion and set realistic goals. If all you can muster for a day is to finish reading a book, so be it. You are the master of your life, and there are no rules about how much you should be achieving in an already stressful situation.

4.     Give yourself an internet detox.

Social media is a double-edged sword. While it’s a great way to stay updated on current events, regular bad news can be debilitating. If you feel the world is closing in on you, consider hitting the pause button on your apps and enjoy some time without being glued to your phone.

5.     Learn something new.

A pandemic opens new doors to pursue long-forgotten passions. If you have always wanted to learn a new instrument, speak a new language, or take that online course on interior decoration, now is the time.

Maintaining Your Financial Health during a Pandemic

1.     Track expenses.

An effective way to manage your expenses is to log and track each item so that you know where your money disappears to every month. The first step towards financial freedom is knowing where your money is going so you know what needs work. For example if your utility bill is high you can shop and compare Texas energy rates to cut your utility bill.

2.     Limit food delivery services or eating out.

Uninstalling convenient food delivery apps will help you resist the temptation to order meals. It might reduce your calorie intake.

3.     Limit online shopping.

“Adding to cart”’ is a special kind of therapy, but it can leave a massive dent on your finances. You can stop purchasing unnecessary items by uninstalling shopping apps or purging online stores from your bookmarks. Your wallet will thank you in the long run.

4.     Learn simple home repair.

Staying in presents new opportunities for picking up valuable skills. Learn how to repair your faulty AC or leaky pipes, and say goodbye to hefty fees from home repair contractors.

5.     Ride your bike or walk.

Instead of driving, consider walking or riding a bike to a nearby destination. Transportation alternatives are beneficial in various ways, such as being more environmentally friendly, saving money on gas, and even encouraging healthy physical exercise.

Achieving wellness amidst a pandemic can be challenging without discipline and perseverance. Do yourself a favor and follow our tips above to stay on top of your health.

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