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How to Use Dry Skin Salve

Dry skin is something no person enjoys having.

It is also something that is pretty much unavoidable, especially when winter comes. This is because the colder it gets, the less humidity there is in the air. And the less humidity there is in the air, the drier your skin will become!

Luckily, there is a range of skin products that are here to help you and your baby combat the dreaded dry skin and instead have glowing and well-moisturized skin that is well-nourished.

You should consider using dry skin salve because of how thick the ointment is and the longevity it lasts in protecting your skin. Plus, if the dry skin has already occurred, it has all the right ingredients to give much needed moisture back into your skin.

The good thing about dry skin salves is that they can literally be used anywhere on the body. The scalp, hands, face, arms, legs, and even your feet! Feet, in fact, are one of the most affected areas of dry skin and it is often either there or the face that feels the most impact.

Salves come in an extremely thick consistency and often come in tins or tubes—meaning that they are also easy to bring with you anywhere!

So how do you use dry skin salve and when do you need to consider using it? Not to fear, we’ve created this handy guide that will take you through everything you need to know about dry skin salve.

  1. Why should you use salve over other products?

Skin salve is a really thick ointment that is proven to heal the skin. The thickness is created from blending essential oils and waxes, which results in an ointment that looks pretty solid! This also means that only a small amount of skin salve needs to be applied to make a big impact!

  1. What kind of oils are used in salves?

There are a whole range of essential oils that are used in salves, each doing different things! Types of oils that are common ingredients include olive oil, coconut oil, and almond oil. These oils can help with any pain or irritation and even help bug bits become less inflamed.

  1. What holds the oils together in the salves?

The essential oils are bound together by wax, which is most commonly used in salves. Other waxes like carnauba are also used, but they are much more difficult and tougher to work with for the salves!

  1. What do salves actually help with?

Skin salves basically help with anything that the skin is dealing with! From dry skin to diaper rash, sunburns, and even cuts, salves come in handy for anything life throws at your skin! And then, of course, you can get a specific salve with certain essential oils to help with any specific ailments. Salves can be used on both babies and adults with the same kind of skin miracles taking place for both! Because this remedy is made naturally, there are only positives in using it for the skin, no matter what age you are or what the skin issue may be.

  1. How do you use salves?

Using a salve is really easy! All you have to do is scoop up a small dollop of salve from the container and apply it to the affected area. A small portion will go a long way because of how thick the substance is! The good news is, this means your salve will last you a long time even if you are using it quite frequently.

  1. How do you know what salve to get?

Salves are all unique, mainly because of the ingredients that can vary in each. Some have a tropical feel with coconut oil while others have a sweeter experience with apricots. But no matter what incense you choose, the salve helps prevent your skin from that awful crusty feeling. The trick is that you want to ensure that the area of skin you want to heal is constantly getting love from the salve so that the problem does get solved. And if you want to help with a specific issue, pick a salve that has that specific essential oil in it—such as lavender to help you sleep or rosemary to help with a pounding headache!

Using a dry skin salve is very simple and something everyone can include in their daily lives. These salves are often an absolute must for parents with newborns as well because their children’s skin is extra sensitive to skin irritations. Applying skin salve will bring both parents and children relief and are bound to make the skin glow, heal, and remain protected. Plus, the salves will make the skin feel really good and also smell really good! It is a win-win situation for anyone using skin salve and one should never be without a bottle of it nearby. 

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