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How to use hand sanitizers correctly?

Hand sanitizers have become the fourth most important component in any human life after food, clothing and shelter in 2020. It is essential to use the hand sanitiser in the right way to reap the best benefits. Most of the health care organizations, including WHO and the Ministry of Health in India, recommend washing hands with soap and water at regular intervals or using a sanitizer. Owing to the ease of lockdown and back-to-work situation, it is better to have a hand sanitizer in the pocket.

Owing to the current pandemic of COVID-19, hand sanitizers are an essential tool for everyone to have in their pockets. One can find lots of varieties of hand sanitizers but using the one containing above 70% alcohol is convenient. It is essential to use a hand sanitizer in the right way for the prevention of diseases.

How does a Hand Sanitizer work?

There is not extensive research done on sanitisers, but scientists are learning deeply to improvise and uplift the quality of hand sanitizers. A common ingredient in all the sanitizers includes isopropyl alcohol or ethanol. Some sanitizers also use the combination of both the chemicals.

Scientific proofs state that alcohol destroys the protein envelope of germs and kills them internally. Sanitizers provide a similar mechanism like soap and water. Sanitizers cannot remove harmful chemicals or clean greasy liquid stains from hand.

Sanitizers cannot kill some microbes such as,

  • Cryptosporidium
  • Noro Virus and
  • Clostridium difficile

Which type of hand sanitizer is best?

A hand sanitizer containing the proper ratio of alcohol and water is best for the purpose. An ideal hand sanitizer will have 70% of alcohol apart from water and fragrance. A common mistake people make is they think that more the number of alcohols more the hand sanitizer seems effective. The fact is just a myth as water also plays a crucial role as an active ingredient.Products that don’t contain enough ratio of alcohol aren’t effective against harmful microbes.

How to use a hand sanitizer effectively?

There are several factors that decide the effective use of a hand sanitiseras how to use it, the quantity used, and place of use. It is better to use hand sanitizer when out from home, for example, using a hand sanitizer away from home at public transports, grocery stores, touching an animal, and after receiving currency notes from the vendor.

One can follow a three-step guide to use a hand sanitizer correctly.

  • Read the manufacturers guide to use the right amount of sanitizer on hands
  • Rub your palms and ensure to cover every nook and corner like rubbing between fingers, fingertips and back of your palms. and
  • Stop rubbing palms once it dries.

One should also ensure that hand-sanitizers stay away from reach of children and pets as a high content of alcohol can cost them lives. Don’t use a hand sanitizer at home as soap and water are cheap and comfortable at home. You can also use hand sanitizers for personal hygiene, amidst this pandemic scenario.

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