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Intensive Outpatient Program: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

Getting away from drug addiction is not always an easy journey. Different sections must be incorporated for a smooth transition from moving from addiction to everyday living. For instance, the Intensive Outpatient Programs have been set to help individuals who are already done with their recovery program and need no detox. This is to help patients recover from drug dependence and attain full recovery. The program consists of therapies, all trying to build a healthy relationship for a lifetime recovery.

Unlike other programs, where you have to live in the facility, this only requires you to attend sessions primarily for only some days, an average of 9 hours a week. In most cases, the intensive outpatient program can be designed according to a patient’s specifications trying to accommodate their lives outside rehabilitation. For instance, Delray Beach intensive outpatient programs are personalized based on the client specification, balancing the curriculum and your normal life. This aids in causing no inconveniences.

What Happens in the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)?

Typically the programs help patients who are already done with the rehabilitation process to transit smoothly as they try to start a new life shorn of drugs. Group therapy is a crucial aspect of this program. The main aim being, to learn the discipline of life with no drugs, socialize without involving any drug abuse, share the experiences, and support each other. However, while some people may not be comfortable having group therapy sessions, you can choose to go for individual counseling. Additional services that IOP participants receive include case management, psychiatric screening, treatment management, professional training, and introduction to support groups.

Can I Have a Detox in the IOP Program?

A detox is not offered in this program because this is the last phase of the rehabilitation program. So for detox, you’ll be referred to a hospital or a detox facility. However, you don’t need a detox to go through the rehabilitation process. But a majority of patients need detox, especially if you were a drug-dependent Individual.

Benefits of Intensive Outpatient Programs

1.      Access help from friends and family

To easily do away with addiction, it’s vital to surround yourself with friends and family who will take you through the journey. Isolation will do you more harm than good.

2.      Ability to balance normal life and recovery course

The intensive outpatient program allows you to go through the recovery process as you still work, support your family, and continue your daily life activities. The program enhances flexibility and liberty in all doings, and thus you don’t have to compromise on anything.

3.      Get Support

Having other individuals in the recovery process helps you understand that you aren’t alone. It helps you know other people are going through the same experience, you get support, and you get long-time friends who understand your journey.

Bottom Line

The intensive outpatient program is a good recovery phase that allows you to get away from drugs without limiting yourself to other life activities. Also, the process allows an easy transition from your drug life to living a healthy lifestyle. For some cases, the program is personalized to fit your specifications and time, thus creating convenience.

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