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Leiamoon – Vaginal Steaming After Birth

Vaginal steaming is an ancient practice for women’s health in which a woman sits on a specially-crafted seat and steams her vagina and pelvic areas with a unique concoction of herbs. This activity is practicedin at least twenty-eight countries throughout the world. Whilethe practice of vaginal steaming differs from place-to-place, it is commonly used by women after giving birth to a child. Because the activity itself of giving birth is extremely strenuous and taxing on a woman’s body, midwives commonly use vaginal steaming to relax women’s bodies and help them heal. Vaginal steaming can be especially useful in places where access to healthcare is limited or expensive.

In the United States for instance, women do not spend a lot of time in the hospital when giving birth. They spend around twenty-four hours for the actual delivery, but go home to heal and only return to the hospital for a standard six-week checkup. What about that time in between and after the checkup? Many womendo not receive medical assistance with recovery after six weeks, but it is during this time that her body is tasked with closing the vaginal canal and cervix and her uterus clearing out all ofits excess lochia. Her vagina opening reduces down to its normal size and her abdominal organs return into place, allowing her elimination functions to normalize. Additionally delivery tears and stitches begin to heal. During this recovery, women face a huge risk of infenction if they are not given proper attention and care. Vaginal steaming is a useful aid for women because it quickens the recovery process, makes it less painful, and helps to reduce the chance of infection for women.

Many women around the world enjoy vaginal steaming because of its direct and indirect benefits. Direct benefits impact a women’s reproductive organs and include restoring uterine lining, healing the labia, and shortening the amount of time for uterine bleeding. Recent studies also show that vaginal steaming has indirect benefits such as assistingwithlowering blood pressure and pulse, initiating and expediating waist girth and weight loss, alleviating suture discomfort, and promoting bowel regularity and hemorrhoid reduction.

Situated in Brooklyn, New York, LEIAMOON has createdspecially-crafted herbal and organic steaming options to support you throughout the birthing process. Awareness is the key to lead a healthy life!

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