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Make first-time sex pleasurable with these tips

First sex will always be memorable. It can be intimate, sensual or emotional and sometimes all at once. However, it is only natural to feel anxious about it when it is your first. There are questions and myths hijacking your thoughts. If it will be safe? If your body will go through any changes? What safety measures you must use? Should you go for it in the first place? There are a number of myths besides these questions such as it will be painful the first time, or using a condom reduces the pleasure and many more.

Do not worry, we got your back with our first-time sex tips. Go through them at once and dissolve your stress for nothing can kill the fun in sex as good as stress does. 

  1. These first-time sex tips will work only if your partner is someone you trust

Studies suggest that it is not only psychologically but also physically more satisfying if you have sex with someone you can trust and are comfortable with. 

  1. Understand consent

You might still find people who might mock the concept of consent. Consent is meant to be loud, vocal and enthusiastic. When it is your first time, there is a high probability that you could give in due to peer pressure. But first sex is all the more reason that you should give it a thought if you want it for yourself or is it the someone else that is forcing you into it subtly. Because, no matter what, this one will be etched in your memory for a long time. 

  1. Safe sex is the best sex

Memories of transferred STDs from your first sex would be the last thing you want to have. Make sure you use a condom during your intercourse. There are different types of condom that will suit your needs. They can even enhance the pleasure if you use textured ones or the lubricated ones. 

  1. Talk!

You need not have long conversations during sex. But asking small questions such as, ‘does that feel good?’ or expressing in brief how you want it to be like. For instance, you can ask your partner to go ‘harder’ or ‘deeper’. Don’t be too worried if things get awkward during the first time. You can always laugh about it with your partner. 

  1. Last but not least- Foreplay

Foreplay is good for it arouses you sexually. It will also reduce friction since it makes the vagina to secrete a lubricating fluid. The more the foreplay the less the friction. And therefore, first sex need not be painful, if you club it with the right amount of foreplay and do it with the right pace. 

The hymen might bleed for several hours if it’s not already been broken due to sports or other physical activities. That is nothing to worry about! The most important tip of all is- “have fun”

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