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Nurse Education Efforts Bolstered by Health Carousel Contribution

Health Carousel has just expanded its Light the Way program with an additional $200,000 invested over three years to support further nurses seeking to advance their educations. In honor of the Year of the Nurse Educator, they hope these added funds will grow the teaching capacity of nursing schools to train more nurses effectively.

This specifically addresses a significant and ongoing problem in the nursing field and the healthcare institutions that need those nurses.

Per the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, in 2019 alone, around 80K would-be future nurses in the US had to be turned away from programs because their schools didn’t have enough nursing educators to train that many nursing students effectively.

This is a global problem that will require complex global solutions. But for now, the company is earmarking funds for both the US and the Philippines, where they’re facing similar nurse educator shortages. Here, scholarships will be awarded to nurses seeking Ph.D. Educator degrees.

How the Funds Will Do the Most Good

Contributions will go directly to funding scholarships for advanced degree nursing students via Health Carousel Philippines. These are generally veteran nurses who want to go back to school to learn how to lead effectively, mentor, and teach those entering nursing.

This is a potentially transformative contribution to the nursing industry. But this isn’t the first time Health Carousel has put its own money toward furthering nurse education.

About the Health Carousel’s Light the Way Program

They’ve helped hundreds of nurses seek advanced nursing degrees through its Light the Way program. This initiative aims to promote ethical and sustainable nurse recruitment practices. And a massive part of that is ensuring that as veteran nurses retire, new nurses are coming in to take their place at all levels, from entry-level nursing to more advanced degrees. This program has been around since 2004.

The Light the Way Program got its name from the “Founder of Modern Nursing”, Florence Nightingale, who was often called the “Lady with the Lamp”. Nightingale is said to have believed in a more compassionate approach to healthcare. She cared for injured soldiers at night by the light of a lamp after doctors were done for the day.

The new commitment is an extension of their Light the Way initiative and will be called the “Light the Way Scholarship”. These scholarships will help a whole new set of nurses directly and indirectly by making more nurse educators available to teach aspiring nurses.

About Health Carousel

Health Carousel is a healthcare staffing company and the 17th largest in the US. It works to connect talented, qualified nurses with the healthcare facilities that need them and offers workforce management solutions.


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