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Procrea Fertility

Infertility can be such a hurdle. I know by the time a couple seeks medical attention, the couple must have tried conceiving for a year or so in disbelief.  According to Procrea Fertility, 8-15% of couples globally are facing infertility issues. And, the situation hasn’t changed for years now; in fact, more partners are reaching out, seeking medical attention for assisted procreation.

Experts diagnose infertility after a year or more of unsuccessful conceiving.  However, the good news is that fertility conditions are now known, and there are numerous treatment solutions.

Procrea Fertility offers a myriad of solutions to infertility. Read on to find out more.

Why Procrea?

Procrea has its headquarters in Canada. It has its branches in Quebec (Quebec City and Gatineau), Ontario (Vaughan and Newmarket), and Manitoba (Winnipeg).

It’s an infertility center that serves patients with respect, compassion, and understanding. With the use of current technological innovations on procreation, patients receive the best! Besides, they have an objective of ensuring you feel contented and supported all through your way to parentage.

Procrea offers:

  • In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) with over 30 years of experience,
  • Diagnostic testing,
  • Prenatal screening,
  • Genetic testing, and
  • Cryopreservation or egg freezing.

Apart from infertility treatment, Procrea offers other holistic concerns such as; counseling, acupuncture, and nutrition. They are significant in reducing stress levels, weight management that might be an outcome of infertility or a cause of infertility.

Understanding Infertility

 in choosing the appropriate fertility treatment, numerous things are in consideration; physical, emotional, and financial. The process is distinct and intricate according to people’s timelines.  But, never mind, Procrea’s got your back. You’ll undergo treatment when you’re ready. And, you’ll be attended to by a devoted group of experts. They will help you create a personalized treatment strategy for you to attain your dream; family.

Fertility in Women and Men

For females, checking with a fertility specialist is required for under 35 years with no signs of pregnancy in more than a year of trial. Those above 35 are termed infertile after six months of failing to conceive and after a fertility specialist diagnoses that.

According to Procrea’s fertility experts, women with over three miscarriages should never lose hope. There are instances where women with numerous pregnancy losses go on having healthy children after checkups and treatment.

Although, couples that fail to seek medication after three years of failed consecutive trials have a high chance of never siring. Procrea indicates probabilities of impulsive conception at 0% to 3% monthly, reliant on the infertility cause.

Procrea links one-third of infertility to females, an additional one-third to the men, and the remaining fraction to both. Though, statistics indicate that about 50% of couple’s infertility concerns arise from men. So, men should first undergo fertility tests when partners realize there’s an issue.

So, never fret and give up on seeking medication while facing this. Procrea can help by determining the cause and suggest the best treatment plan. There’s always a chance to conceive. Be hopeful and positive. Remember, “Every dog has its day.”

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