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Quality Healthcare

Substandard care leads to disabilities, sicker patients, higher costs, and low confidence in the healthcare system. The quality of care is associated with all care processes and aims to provide high-quality care that maximizes patient welfare. When you visit a doctor or hospital, your first interest would be to determine whether the medical professional can fully handle your medical problems, the cleanliness of the treatment facility, and the hygiene of their equipment.  Quality healthcare has been measured in six domains;

  1. Safe-avoid harm that is derived from care meant to assist patients.
  2. Effective- to avoid misuse and underuse of services based on scientific knowledge on patients.
  3. Timely-reducing delays that may cause harm to caregivers and recipients.
  4. Patient-centered-provide care that respects and responds to individual patient needs, values and preferences and makes well-guided decisions.
  5. Efficient- to avoid waste of ideas, energy, supplies, and equipment.
  6. Equitable-ensuring that the quality of care does not change based on a patient’s characteristics such as ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, and geographic location.

Patient safety

The utmost priority for healthcare professionals is the safety of their patients. Healthcare systems have made efforts to minimize errors, learn from their mistakes and enhance safety culture. For instance, Sleeve Gastrectomy Turkey surgery ensures that patients maintain a 55-70% weight loss and a 0.1% fatality risk. This procedure has been the most effective treatment of morbid obesity.

The main initiatives to prioritize patient safety include;

  • Reducing healthcare-associated infections is possible infections that patients get during treatment and infectious diseases among primary caregivers and patients.
  • Preventing harmful drug effects-these include complications or injuries caused by the administration of drugs. They have an overdose, allergic reactions, drug reactions, and medication errors. The majority of these adverse drug effects can be prevented, which will enhance safe and high-quality healthcare services.

The rapidly developing technology has improved the quality and healthcare and is systematically changing the entire healthcare system. The advancing technology has improved dentistry through the development of dental implants turkey  as an alternative for traditional prostheses. Dental implants have been an important treatment method in modern dentistry. The use of patient-centered electronic health records accessible by caregivers and patients has improved transparency and health quality.

Primary caregivers can improve the quality of patient care through:

Collecting data and analyzing patient results.

Analyzing the existing data will enable a care provider to understand the medical gaps and improve care quality. The discovery of crucial innovations has led to the development of a bonding technique and tools that enable dentists to combine materials of diverse tissues in Veneers Turkey aesthetic dentistry. This data helps establish a foundation for patient outcomes.

Set targets and do a constant evaluation

After identifying the risks and areas of improvement, set goals, prioritize those areas, and commit to a continuous evaluation.

Enhance care accessibility

The ability to access health care services plays a vital role in improving quality healthcare and patient outcome. Accessing quality care at the right time will enable patients to get accurate results.

Focus on patient engagement

Healthcare providers should develop effective and holistic ways to connect and improve communication between physicians, families, and other care providers all through a patient’s healthcare journey.


Healthcare quality needs to be a significant concern for primary caregivers, medical professionals, and all patients. Improving information and technology in the healthcare industry will ensure that caregivers are up-to-speed with all the healthcare system’s significant developments.

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