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Reclaiming your sex life

Monotony might be comfortable, but it does sure kill the spark between partners. For long time partners, it is not unheard of or uncommon to fall into a rut. The lack of passion can be hard to live with.

However, it is not something that cannot be remedied. Yes, you cannot stay in the honeymoon period for long, but having a healthy sex life is also very important.

Addressing lack of healthy sex life

Sex is a primal need and is required not only for the sake of reproduction. Sex plays an important role for better mental health. It also improves mood as well. Moreover, sex also have physical benefits as well. Thus, making conscious efforts for improving sex life is vital for staying healthy. One way to improve your sex life is through the holy grail of cum guide.

It is especially common for older couples to have stale sex life. They might have the desire, but their body posits challenges. For women, menopause is the biggest hurdle. Similarly, men too face problems like erectile dysfunction that can interfere with their sex life. In such instances, it is best to visit an expert like Best Sexologist in Karachi.

Otherwise, there are things you can do to improve your sex life!

Make it exciting

Well, familiar can become boring. Monotony can aggravate the feeling of being stuck in a stale relationship. Good news is boredom can be addressed easily by re-sparking romance.

Try to change your routine, make time for date nights, dress up for each other. Change yourself on these special romantic moments, by making extra effort for your partner.

You can also try new things together as a couple, like couple’s pottery class or a similar hobby that helps you connect together in a different and fun way.

When you start perceiving yourself outside of the usual setting, it helps give your relationship momentum. Thus, romantic moments are easier to manifest.

Learn a new

Vanilla is good, but sometimes, it is good to venture into the daring realms. Try out new intimate things that can help you reconnect sexually. It is especially pertinent when your sex life is not exciting; when you learn a new, your interest and desire in the activity also increase.

Talk to your partner

It is important to have this talk with your partner as well. Together, you need to work out and commit to improving your sex life. This talk might also entail rediscovering each other, and rekindling the romance.

Many people refrain from having the honest conversation about their sexual stimulation from the fear of hurting their partner’s feelings. However, this hesitation is neither fair to them or to their partner; they are being deprived of pleasure, and their partner cannot fix it until they know the existence of the problem to begin with.

Do not stress yourself

Stress and sex are mutually exclusive. Neither your mind, nor your body is able to enjoy sex through the pressure and stress about having a stale sex life.

 Rather than worrying, try to relax. Take the pressure off yourself, and just enjoy yourself.

Get out of your head

We age, things sag, wrinkles form and so we think we are not attractive anymore. This lack of self-worth is not just bad for one’s perception of self, but it also has impact on the sex life as well.

When you do not think of yourself as attractive for our partner, our inclination for sexual activities also decreases.

Thus, it is important that you address the self-esteem issue. Sometimes, it is just all in our head, for which you need to counsel ourselves, or visit a therapist, that you can easily contact via Remedying low self-esteem is pertinent for not just healthy sex life, but healthy life as well.

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