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Restoring Youth with a Few Threads

Ever thought of ways you could restore your youthfulness, without scary surgical procedures, with minimal recovery time and a few side effects? There’s a treatment like that checks all those marks which is available at the most advanced cosmetic dermatology clinics around the globe.

PDO thread lift in New York is a great treatment for anyone looking to lift and tighten sagging skin as quickly as possible, but without taking unnecessary risks. This innovative procedure will rejuvenate your skin in a matter of weeks leaving your face looking younger, rested and more attractive.

The Procedure

The idea of having special fiber threads stuck under your skin does sound scary and this is understandable as it’s not a pleasant thing to feel or watch. But it is highly effective at what it accomplishes.

It’s easy to dismiss the treatment as frightening and painful, but you can’t ignore the results. During the procedure, the surgeon will use a special tool which holds the thread inside, but instead of injecting Botox or dermal filler, this needle leaves behind the PDO thread that’ll pull your skin tightly. The insertion goes in from one end and makes it all the way to the other, the needle is pulled out leaving the thread under the skin. The thread will automatically latch onto the superficial muscular aponeurotic layer and will give it a strong pull.

Most PDO thread lifts involve up to 15 of these sutures placed under your skin. The most you are going to feel is a tiny sting as well as some pulling and tugging. Most clients report that these are not uncomfortable, but well tolerated.

Depending on how much of your face you want to treat, the number of threads will differ, so you should expect several injection-like applications to be performed on your face.

Before the Treatment, As Well As After

Before the treatment, it is highly recommended that you avoid blood thinners for around a week. This will help minimize the bruising.

After the treatment, however, you must avoid intense exercise, extreme facial animation, heat exposure and facial massages for at least three weeks.

Although you can return to your normal routine after the first day, you should still try to be a little more careful by not straining your face.

The Results

Immediately after the procedure you will see a dramatic difference. It will be noticeably tighter and the loose skin will be repositioned eliminating your jowls and redefining the jawline. Treatments like PDO thread lifts or dermal fillers don’t completely get rid of wrinkles, but rather make them more shallow and less visible. Not only is it very hard to completely get rid of wrinkles, but it may also be impossible to do without making the face look like a plastic doll.

The results will only get better with time as the PDO threads integrate into the tissues. Once there, they will need yearly maintenance.

For many people, this is more than enough. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a few wrinkles, as long as you know you have control over how to approach them and what results to expect.

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