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Six Ways to Have a Smoke-Free Cannabis Experience

When you smoke cannabis for the first time, you may feel a burning throat and not know how long to pull the smoke. However, not all cannabis users want to smoke and this is not an option for those who have issues with their lung health. Because of the stigma associated with smoking, some people may not try cannabis even if using it is legal in their state. If you are one of the many people who want to have a smoke-free experience with cannabis, consider the following options:


The chemical compounds of cannabis tend to vaporize at a lower, less harmful temperature. The vaporized cannabis tastes like a combusted flower with a vapor, which is friendlier to the lungs.  If you use bigger table-top vaporizers, you can enjoy high-quality vapor using advanced temperature settings. But, if you want to enjoy cannabis flower or oils anywhere, use a small hand-held device.


Did you know that there are cannabis-infused food and drink? Marijuana edibles are now widely available that you can infuse anything which calls for oil or butter. This means that you can always make your own cannabutter at home, although you can get it from retail shops and dispensaries. Just keep in mind that edibles can take longer to kick in and can have psychoactive effects.

Ingesting It Orally

Cannabis can be available in the form of ingestible oils that are taken orally. They are available in plastic applicators or capsules. You can choose to ingest them directly or add them to your drink or food. As with cannabis edibles, ingestible oils can induce strong effects which can take a while to kick in. Thus, you should be mindful of your dose.

Applying Directly Under the Tongue

Cannabis that can be used this way is the form of tinctures. These infused liquids extra cannabis compounds through the use of an alcohol soak. Unlike infused foods and ingestible oils, tinctures tend to enter the bloodstream right away, producing faster effects and allowing for better dose control. They are available in various potencies, flavors, and cannabinoid profiles to cater to the preferences or medical needs of users.


In this method, you have to drop cannabis concentrates on a heated water-pipe attachment and inhale the potent effects.  A butane torch is used for heating up the metallic nail or glass attachment. Typically, dubbing enthusiasts choose this method since properly refined concentrates provide a clean experience without plant materials. Also, this method produces a vapor instead of smoke. This is the common option for those who have been using cannabis for a while.

Applying It Topically

Cannabis can be infused in balms, creams, and lotions that are applied directly to the skin for localized relief of inflammation, soreness, and pain. Cannabis topicals can treat symptoms without psychoactive effects. Thus, they are the best choice if you want a clear head and bypass the euphoric high altogether.

Now that you know the available options to use cannabis, make sure you use the best weed in Wasilla. Picking high-quality weeds will add to the awesome smoke-free experience you can enjoy.

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