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Texas Hill Country Olive Co.’s Surprising Household Uses For Texas Olive Oil

In the last few years, mainstream coverage touting the health benefits of olive oil consumption has gained popularity. As a result, countless individuals have substituted other oils and cooking agents in favor of flavorful, healthy, and aromatic olive oil. Domestic manufacturers, like Texas Hill Country Olive Co., have seen a growing rise in interest in the ins and outs of olive oil. While many people have adapted olive oil as a dietary staple, they may be unaware of the versatile uses that olive oil offers around the home. In addition to being an excellent source of healthy monounsaturated fats, olive oil can spruce up gardens, and condition leather. Below, the experts at Texas Hill Country Olive Co., a leading Texas olive oil company, explore the versatile household uses for olive oil.

Let’s Start With The Kitchen

Most often utilized in the process of cooking and baking, olive oil can be utilized in broader strokes among the kitchen. When masterfully preparing recipes, the experts at Texas Hill Country Olive Co. remind home chefs that Texas olive oil can act as an effective barrier for sticky ingredients. When measuring substances like honey and molasses in measuring cups or bowls, lightly coat the measuring implement with olive oil prior to pouring in the sticky substance. The olive oil will create a slippery barrier that will allow for easy removal of the substance, while still allowing culinary adventurers the ability to accurately measure the substance in question. This clever trick has been used in professional kitchens for ages and remains a go-to tip for minimizing sticky headaches.

Texas olive oil can be utilized to nourish, protect, and extend the life of many kitchen staples. While it won’t completely protect silver from tarnishing on a long-term basis, olive oil will keep silver looking bright and polished. A dab of olive oil rubbed on silver will erase water stains, erosion, and prevent streaks. According to the experts at Texas Hill Country Olive Co., a coating of olive oil will slow down the oxidation process responsible for tarnish. Similarly, rubbing a small amount of olive oil onto wooden kitchen implements will help to nourish the wood. This can help to prevent cracking, discoloration, and slow down everyday wear and tear. Fans of this easy process, the staff at Texas Hill Country Olive Co.’s onsite farm-to-table restaurant often rub olive oil on hand-washed wooden salad bowls and utensils. They let the oil soak for about five minutes, then buff away excess oil with a cloth.

Olive oil can be a best friend to anyone looking to loosen an adhesive. This is especially helpful in the kitchen, where individuals often stick labels on leftovers, pantry shelves, and organizational containers. To maximize the effect, Texas Hill Country Olive Co.’s experts suggest spraying an adhesive sticker directly with olive oil to saturate. Then, they recommend letting the olive oil sit for about fifteen minutes before gently and easily removing the adhesive. Any additional residue on the surface will be easier to wipe away, and the adhesive will come off much more easily than without the aid of Texas olive oil.

Using Texas Olive Oil In The Closet

While olive oil is most often utilized in the kitchen, it can work miracles in other areas of the home. It has various clever uses for personal items, and can often save the day while getting dressed. For anyone who has ever experienced a stuck zipper at the worst time possible, a little dab of olive oil can loosen an uncooperative zipper swiftly. To easily resolve this issue, dab a cotton swab in Texas olive oil, and run the cotton swab along the length of the affected zipper. Then, gently move the zipper up and down to loosen the mechanism. Similar to the sheer terror of a stuck zipper, a tight ring can also elicit panic. For stubborn rings that won’t come off, dip the finger in olive oil, and grab a paper towel or cloth to get a firm grip on the ring. Then, slowly work the ring forward while spinning the ring to remove it. The lubricating effect of the olive oil should render the ring much easier to remove.

In addition to lending a little help during emergencies, olive oil can protect and shine precious wardrobe staples. For pearls, many cleaners can be too harsh to effectively polish pearls without potentially harming the delicate surface. Thus, a soft cloth with olive oil is perfect for polishing each pearl. To finish off the process, the pearl lovers at Texas Hill Country Olive Co. recommend finishing off with a soft, dry cloth. Similarly, olive oil can be used to shine leather, patent, and rubber shoes. However, the experts at Texas Hill Country Olive Co. warn against using olive oil on suede or nubbed leather shoes. For most other materials, olive oil can provide a clean sheen, and restore the look of worn-out leather.

Texas Olive Oil Everywhere Else

Olive Oil’s healthy and nourishing properties can be used to revitalize houseplants. Adding one to two tablespoons of olive oil to the base of various plants can help to keep them lush, nourished, and growing. In the garden, pouring a little bit of olive oil onto rain barrels and other rain-heavy areas will effectively prevent mosquitoes from breeding in still water. The olive oil will float on top, providing a physical barrier against mosquitoes.

Finally, Texas Hill Country Olive Co. experts tout the power of olive oil to quickly fix squeaky hinges. When solvents aren’t readily available, a little dab of olive oil on rusty hinges, door handles, and cabinets can turn squeaky parts into silent ones.

With so many household uses for olive oil, it’s time for olive oil to leave the kitchen. As a polishing agent, protectant, and life hack, olive oil has multiple uses that render it a multipurpose superstar. At Texas Hill Country Olive Co., the experts tout the multiple benefits of Texas olive oil and encourage visitors to explore the varied uses of this healthy kitchen staple.

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