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The Best Basic Hair Regrowth Routine

Hair thinning and balding can feel like an inescapable rite of passage. There are so many reasons why we lose our hair, like genetics, stress, nutrition, certain medications, or health conditions. Sometimes, something as simple as making a few lifestyle changes, like swapping out hair care products or changing styling techniques and habits, can do the trick. Other times, we need something that packs a little bit more of a punch.

 Luckily, with the numerous impressive technological advances in hair regrowth therapy, there are several options that can help men and women reverse hair loss and regrow stronger, healthier hair and follicles. Today we’re covering the best basic hair regrowth routine that includes a combination of natural remedies and the latest science in hair restoration.

Shampoo + Conditioning

Shampoos can be filled with super harsh cleaning agents to make sure they are effective at getting rid of any dirt, oil, debris, and dead skin that collects on your hair and scalp. The problem is, sometimes, the ingredients within shampoo can harm your hair. It can strip the hair of its protective layer called “sebum,” suck out all of the moisture, and cause breakage and thinning. Yikes!

We’re not suggesting you need to say “goodbye” to shampooing altogether if you’re noticing thinning or breakage… but it might be a sign you’re either over washing your hair, or your technique is getting in the way. Space out your washes to only a few times a week and notice if your hair responds after a month.

When you do wash your hair, make sure to concentrate on shampooing your scalp first, and then your hair second. For thicker, curlier hair, it can be challenging to manage all your hair all at once. Parting your hair into sections will make it more manageable and ensure you’re focusing on the scalp. Use the temples of your fingers to massage away debris at the root and unclog your follicles. Always follow up a shampoo session with a conditioner to lock in necessary moisture and nutrients and jump-start hair growth.

Daily Scalp Massage

Imagine treating yourself to a luxurious spa-like massage every night? You deserve it! Everyone knows that a good massage can chase away the stress, which can do wonders for your hairline! If you schedule your scalp massage right before bed, you can wind down before hitting the hay. Scalp massages also stimulate the blood circulation and encourage hair growth without costing you an extra dime.

Simply, use your fingers to gently massage circles throughout your scalp. If you really want to give your daily scalp massage an additional boost, consider adding an oil of your choice. Olive oil is an excellent choice, because it’s lightweight enough to work with, and has incredible moisturizing agents and nutrients for promoting hair growth.

Laser Cap for Hair Loss

Growing thicker, healthier hair doesn’t have to be tricky. In fact, with a laser cap for hair loss, you barely have to lift a finger. It’s a great choice for men and women with thinning and balding hair that are looking for hair restoration solutions that are the ideal combination of effective and easy to use.

Laser caps are FDA-cleared and clinically proven to be a safe and effective hair growth option for men and women. These medical devices use low level light therapy (LLLT) to stimulate blood flow in the scalp to encourage new growth among the hair follicles. The treatment is pain-free and non-invasive, while also proving to be extremely convenient with its hands-free technology.

New hair growth can be seen within several months of use. The treatment therapy can also be done at a time and location of your choice, meaning you do not have to travel to a clinic in order to complete your treatment.

Are you Curious?

The combination of a proper shampoo and conditioner routine and daily massages are so simple you can start trying out some of our tips today. If you really want to kick your hair regrowth, plan up a notch and get fuller or thicker hair, then it may be time to try a laser cap.

Get ahead of your hair loss today and get started with this simple hair regrowth routine!

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